Get traditional this Festive Season!

Yes, we did mention in our previous blog that the independent and strong women have got their own back. She is ambitious and confident, and possesses the grit to make it big. She is someone who knows she is in control of the things that surround her and the circumstances that arise. But under all that toughness and boldness, is hidden this gentle and considerate woman who knows that it isn’t always about herself, but others matter too in her life. She is tough from the outside just like the hard shell of a coconut, but soft on the inside like the crème. She might not let the opinions and suggestions of others bound her, but would be courteous enough to be attentive and thoughtful to them.

The copious amount of work at office requires her to wait back late, but come what may, her mother needs to know about her whereabouts. And this does not end even after she is married. She earns for herself, but her family means the world to her. She keeps aside a part of her salary for them; it’s her responsibility after all!  Her mother and relatives have trained her to be respectful and prepare excellent food too, all for future preparations. Every time she has to attend a wedding, a lehenga and adorning herself with some fancy accessories is a must! She got to look her traditional best. J

With the number of festivities coming up, she is all geared to show her traditional self the modern way! How should I dress right for all the get-togethers, religious sessions and dinners are the questions that haunt her? For her, the right mix of colours, styles, designs and not-to-forget, the glitter has to be part of her ensembles.  To match the spirit of the festive season, she picks an ethnic glittery maxi dress (the traditional festive dressing is passé), a pair of silver stilettoes, earring, and bracelet. She glamorizes the entire look with a metallic #clutch!  


Girls, get ready and set to bring out your vibrant self this season! Spread happiness and stay stylish always! This is not it! Do watch out for this space next month as we probe into the next woman personality you might relate with.

Wishing everyone a very happy festive month ! ! !

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