She continues to be Generous and Intense no matter what!!!

Whether you approve of this or not, generosity always wins! The modern and independent girl of today is very well aware of this and whether it is at work, home or with her friends, she is a giver. It is time you embrace this amazing philosophy of our women and start being generous. Simply having the mindset that how I may best serve most people, how I may be generous at work, friends or family and working towards it, you receive so much. The world needs you anyway, why not start from somewhere?

She gives very much of her talents to the organization, gives ample amount of love to strangers on the street and is considerate towards her family. She has no fear that if she is too nice or if she gives a lot to her family or loved one or if she gives her best to the company, she is going to get hurt and lose a lot. She isn’t worried about the end result. She continues to be a giver. Now, that is some powerful thought, isn’t it?

She meets her friend after a really long time, enjoying every moment, laughing, talking hobbies, life and simply connecting at the table in a restaurant, and quietly excuses herself to visit the restroom as an excuse to actually pay the bill before her friend does the same. She paid for the dinner to show appreciation to her friend, to show her love and gratitude; the connection she is building reminds her the reality of life that if you trust and serve, make other people happy, amazing things unfold. Every single day of her life she works towards being the most giving person everywhere she goes. She likes to be generous & intense all at once and not caring about the returns, leaves everything at the table with no regrets at all…

What about you? Share with us your experience and your ways of winning everyone’s hearts with generosity. Do comment and let the world know what it’s like to give and not expect anything in return.


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