She Dreams and Achieves Big!

You think you have known the purpose for your life and have made a promise to fulfill it no matter what. Your grit and determination drives you to make all the efforts to accomplish what you call “your dream”. You are so confident about reaching the sky, but the moment you realize things are not going your way, you begin to lose patience and give up just like that. But today’s ideal woman is an achiever. She sets a goal for herself, dreams to fulfill it and makes sure to give it her best at every stage.

Sleeping or awake, she dreams all the time because she knows doing so will surely take her places.  She looks at life with the perspective that you can do anything to achieve your dreams. She doesn’t dream small, but dreams big with the intention to leave her mark on the world. That’s a strong thought! She knows that the ups and downs both are vital to accomplish her dreams and so she tries to learn from every situation. She won’t give up because it’s all about moving forward for her!

Founder and Creative Head at Baggit, Nina Lekhi is the perfect example of a true woman achiever. She was always creatively inclined and life led her towards a path where she had the opportunity to realize her dream. When she started the business, one of the biggest challenges she faced was industry know- how. She started when she was fresh out of college and was fueled only by her passion and dedication. She picked up the trade along the way and in a few years was set to take her business ahead in a more structured manner. Today, her brand “Baggit” is one of the leading handbag brands in the country. Superb!

Girls’, dreaming is great, but don’t let your dreams be just dreams, work towards it and make things happen. And the moment your mind persuades you to quit, shoot that negative thought down and make way for an empowering one, because you are not a quitter!

Go ahead share your dreams with us and how are you working towards it? Do share your experiences and help us uplift others. Keep dreaming big and we hope all your dreams come true

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