Today’s Girl “A Go-getter”

“Life is a journey, not a destination” and “Never Give Up” are the motto’s the girl of today swears by. She knows trials and tribulations are going to be part of the journey, and yet she is willing to go through it all to achieve what she has set for herself. She enjoys the ride of life and at every stage is constantly learning and working hard towards her ambitions. She will climb mountains, walk uncharted paths and dive into the ocean to get what she wants and nothing can stop her. No one! 

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Sitting or standing, she wants to go places because she knows that life is a constant movement towards what you want. She is someone who is an avid fashion magazine reader, travels around the world to understand the latest trends and styles because of her passion for fashion. An explorer, trendsetter and spontaneous by nature, it’s all about experimenting and achieving. Whether it’s with her apparels, shoes or handbags, she strives to keep up with the current trends. She carries off the latest chevron print knee-length dress, braided hair, platform sandals and a cut-corners inspired mini #slingbag across her body. She carries off the look with poise, ready to popularize new fashion wherever she goes. 


Baggit’s Founder and Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi says, “Don’t play safe, start taking risks as it will help you explore new dimensions. Once a while, it is advisable to go crazy; I love to cycle and had travelled from Madgaon to Ganpatipule on a bicycle which was quite a crazy risk I had decided to take. Such kind of risks will always help you become stronger, both spiritually and physically. I personally follow this mantra, travel more, explore more and learn more…”

Fabulous thought and advice there, don’t you think? If you want to achieve something, you got to be willing to take risks and move ahead. Girls, do share with us your experiences, the risks and challenges. Tell us how far you have gone to achieve your goals, dreams, or anything else. We would love to be a part.. 🙂

Stay tuned to this page, as we delve into the next woman personality…This one might be you!

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