~Celebrate Men’s Day with Baggit~

Why shouldn’t a day be dedicated to men all over the world? Why shouldn’t the men be made to feel special? If the ladies can have a day of their own, so can the men…Folks, let’s all take this International Men’s Day as an excellent opportunity to make it special for all the men in our lives and express our gratitude towards them- for whatever roles they play and the things they do for us…

Whether he is a darling father who makes all the difference in your life, and serves as a pillar of strength when you are feeling down and need all the support, and the times when he disciplines you. All this out of his love! The protective brother who always watches out for you…in the good times and bad, and always has your back, no matter what. A loving husband who cares for his wife and children and takes out time from his busy schedule to spend it with them…or your guy friends who will poke fun at you, but at the same time adore you…All these men deserve to be cherished!

A women’s role in our lives is far more appreciated, but so should we be grateful for all the men in our lives. You may not realize, but men too, like women, also have their share of sacrifices and thus, deserve utmost honour and respect…One without the other is nothing. Creative Head and Chief Design Curator of Baggit, Nina Lekhi speaks on the role of her husband in her life. She says, “I started my business from scratch, but no one knows the secret behind my success. There is a very famous saying which goes, “There is a Woman behind every successful man”, but in my case it’s the opposite, there is a man behind my success, my husband. He has provided me the ethics and guided me all along the way to run a professional organization.” It is amazing how she owes her success to her husband.

Let’s take this day to address their goodness, their contribution towards society and get them under the spotlight. Go ahead, send out a big kudos to all the men who are role models, teachers, inspirations, nurturers and givers as their efforts add strength, love and beauty to our lives. Shower them with gifts or do something special…they deserve it!



Do let us know, what’s that special something that you have planned for the man in your life…A surprise, a special gift or a movie date? Do write to us: )

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