Today’s modern girl is Bold and Beautiful!

Ready to unleash your boldness, folks? Well, the modern girl of today is doing so the fashionable way! She is an inspiration to all to make the most of their independence and follow their passions and dreams. In a world that is constantly pulling you down and throwing at you statements like “you cannot do it”, “be this and not that”, having the courage to get past all these and follow your heart requires you to be brave, no doubt. She knows this very well!

She chooses her life and decides for herself what she will be. She is bold, open-minded and makes sure to enjoy life to the fullest. She will brighten up the room with her exuberant personality and uplift everyone, making sure the spirit is high throughout.

Always cultivating a life she actually enjoys living, she loves experimenting and picks out outfits she is most comfortable in, rather than just following the herd. To complement her carefree nature and changing moods, she carries off an off-shoulder floral print dress, bold and eye-popping jacket on top, chunky jewelry, hair left loose and a #slingbag across her body that holds her miniature essentials and just about anything to get through her day with buddies. Without having to worry about her bag slipping off her shoulder, she is always up for goofy photo sessions. What the world thinks of her, she does not care!


At work or in her personal life, whether it is asking her boss for more responsibilities or simply greeting a stranger, she will take the risk and also be ready for rejection. She believes that there’s more to a person than just looks- beauty inside and outside. What’s her motto is life? “Go get what you want”! Her dignity and happiness matters the most to her and she won’t compromise on either of the two. So fearless and awesome she comes across, doesn’t she?

Go ahead, enjoy being carefree and bold! Break the shackles of life and do the things you have always wanted to. Life is too short to let yourself be bound by restrictions. Pretties, watch out for this space as we describe the next woman personality you might relate to or aspire to be…Stay tuned!

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