Enjoy the Christmas Party Season in Style!!!

One of the most happy and fun times of the year is here with Christmas and the New Year approaching soon. Christmas is the time of gifting and sending greeting cards to your loved ones. This is one part to all the merriment, but getting to the interesting part- the parties, late nights, sipping on wine, and devouring all the awesome sweets and food with family and friends brings alive the season. With the number of parties lined up, getting yourself style ready is needless to say.

Pretties, we have put together a few looks you might want to opt this Christmas and New Year. Do take a look and get ready to party and bid adieu to 2016 in style J

Look 1:

We call this the perfect Christmas Look! You cannot go wrong with the red and gold combination this Christmas. Whether it is the Christmas dance you plan to go or the church you wish to visit with your friends and family, a pretty red peplum dress, beige heels and a gold #handcarry bag to hold on your wrist is just what you need to carry off. Well, since we are almost reaching the end of the year, why not try doing something different before you begin the new one? Go ahead, give a bold makeover to your hair with a braid or simply colour it just like Baggit MD and Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi has



Look 2:

“OMG! Can’t get my eyes off you”! The compliments will be overwhelming if you decide to opt for this look to carry off at any party this month. Besides that, this look will give you all the reasons to obsess over this beautifully crafted, after-hours oversized #clutch too. Team it with an electric blue #jumpsuit, a pair of black wedges and you are sure to grab all the attention at the club.



Look 3:

Hey good-looking, this party season, know what to bare and what to keep under the wraps. Show off your well-toned legs by selecting a short black jumpsuit, a gold waist belt, black wedges and of course, a #gold #clutch to compliment the entire look. Put in your miniature essentials- lipgloss, money, carkeys and just what you need to stay stylish all night long!


Look 4:

Just when your friend calls you over for a house party, you need to have the right apparels and accessories. No need to get all dressy, this look is just right! Slip on a pair of black shorts, a beige camisole and don’t forget to hold this fringe inspired mini #slingbag on your shoulder for a fun, yet fashionable night. Make sure the camera captures your goofy self and the gorgeous bag!


Go ahead, pick your favourite look and party hard this December! Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and hope the New Year brings a lot of good luck, peace and prosperity for all.

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