Adieu 2016, Welcome 2017!!!

2016 has been a very exciting year for Baggit, with accolades, launch of a new campaign, fun interactive contests and exciting collection launches. Also, the mass coverages the brand has received in fashion magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites, some of which include Savvy, Cosmopolitan, ET Panache, Fast Glam and Core Sector Communiqué was quite overwhelming.

Baggit endeavours to do something new every year and this year was no exception. A quick flashback of the major Baggit fashion associations, exciting events, awards and activities that proved to be positive for the brand and its consumers.

Baggit MD and Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi won the prestigious New Age Woman in Innovations and Creativity Award at the India Leadership Conclave. Her creativity and innovation is always witnessed in her designs which were brought alive through the regular fashion shoots that were conducted in the year.

This year the focus had been on further consolidating the brand, where  the ‘Play the Life Game’ brand proposition was taken ahead in a manner that captures the ethos and attitude of contemporary Indian women who live life on their own terms and make choices for themselves.

Apart from launching the SS16’ and AW16’, various other collections like ‘The Surreal Streak Collection’, ‘The Creamy Pastels Collection’, ‘The Miniature Collection’ and many more were launched. As a fashion brand, all the collections included the latest international and national fashion trends. Each collection was high on design, fashion and style but at the same time it also had comfort, convenience, functionality integrated to the products. The brand’s efforts to be authentically home-grown led Nina Lekhi to receive the “Make in India” Award this year. Hats off!


As part of the brand campaign, the brand also celebrated the Moods of Indian Women through the “Guess the Mood” contest. The contest had a trunk full of Baggit bags as the winner’s prize to meet her fashion needs for the entire year. That’s amazing!

The brand conducted an amazing Bloggers Meet event during the launch of SS16 too. 20 of India’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers gathered to discuss the new collection and offer their honest reviews & feedback. This activity went viral with a nationwide reach of 25 million people.

In March 2016, Nina was awarded at Times Retail Icon Award for Retail Icon Fashionable Bags & Accessories Brand. Baggit launched more Exclusive stores extending its reach to 49 stores this year.

2016 truly has been a swinging year indeed, and the brand’s passion and dedication to take bolder strides into the fashion world and to reach out widely to a brave new, modern generation seems to get stronger than ever. Wishing them all the best in the near future J

And wishing all you folks a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Always achieve for the best!

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