She Loves an Adventure & Music is her Life!


What is life without a little adventure and music? The modern girl of today knows what her life should be made of- a lot of adventures that keeps her on the edge and music that lets her get lost in the world of melodies. She knows that you only get one chance to make the best and she grabs it without thinking twice. She is an encouragement to all to step out of their comfort zone and take risks; it could lead to failure or success, but what matters is trying. She loves the thrill and wishes everyone should experience the same too because it’s worth it. Baggit’s MD & Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi is a risk taker herself. She does not play it safe, and makes sure to take risks as it helps her explore new dimensions. Superb!

She is futuristic, adventurous, and the music gal who makes sure to live happily and enjoy life to the fullest. Her connect with nature lets her exude positivity and makes her see the good in every situation. Even in the darkest of days, she smiles brightly because she knows the good is yet to come.

Apart from the regular trekking trips with her friends and her earphones plugged in her ears, she doesn’t compromise on fashion when it comes to showing off her true personality. To complement her courageous and fun demeanor, she carries off a jacket, black skinny jeans or distressed denims, bold and bright colored top, studded platform shoes or a pair of designer sneakers and throws on a #backpack that holds all her essentials when she is in and about the city with her buddies. She slips her mini #pouch meant especially for her precious earphones just when she decides to sway to the melody of her songs. Without having to worry about her bag slipping off her shoulder, off she heads to explore the world on her scooty. She lives like there is no tomorrow which is what everyone loves about her…

You see her climbing mountains, basking in the sunlight, dancing in the rain, traveling different countries and trying different cuisines because she is open to trying new things. Even when it comes to her hobbies, she will leave no stone unturned. She will learn it all just so that she understands and experiences the art. After all, experience is the teacher of all things. And when she is trying out different things, she never fails to sway her head, tap her feet and let her lips move to her favourite songs. Music brings out the best in her. Interesting this girl seems, doesn’t she?

Go ahead, enjoy being you-adventurous and fun! Do watch out for this space as we delve into other interesting traits…

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