Handbags are an Integral part of Life!

Whether it is at the mall, the marketplace, office, the airport or at the park, she never forgets to tag along her favourite companion-her handbag. She can skip adorning her neck with a necklace or smearing that bright lipcolor on her lips before leaving her home, but without fail she grabs her bag packed with all her fundamentals. And it’s not just any bag she will carry; her handbag style varies depending on the occasion, her overall get-up and the essentials. With her handbag as a statement accessory, she is ready to conquer the world in style. We are sure all the females…including the teenagers, working professionals, mothers would completely agree to this. Now, don’t you’ll?

Apart from carrying her entire world wherever it is she travels, the bag she carries defines her personality and style too. It plays a stellar role in her life! Be it a backpack, a tote bag, a clutch or a sling bag, her handbags means more than anything to her. In the good times and in the bad, her bag never fails to leave her side. 


In the good times, when her bag lets her keep all her precious things organized and close to her when out on the move. Also, the time when that special pouch hanging from her #totebag lets her remove her earphones and listen to music as she waits for her coffee to arrive at the café. Or the time when she gets her sunglasses out from her #hobobag to beat the heat after she leaves the shopping mall to getting out a pair of clean clothes from her #duffelbag after a strenuous workout at the gym. And the time when she does a foot popping gesture with her #handcarrybag when she’s feeling cheerful…and she wants to share it with everyone else.

And also in the bad times, when she unfortunately has a sudden wardrobe malfunction and she takes out her set of safety pins to save her from embarrassment. And on the dance floor at the party when her high heels kill her feet, her handbag and a pair of flats kept inside comes to her rescue. Also, when the perspiration from dancing ruins her make-up, the mascara and lipstick in her handbag gives her an instant beauty fix. Not forgetting the times when she holds her #clutch tight…when she’s sad. And it’s amazing how she even uses it as a weapon to protect herself.


Just a handbag’s mere presence can do wonders for her outfit and confidence. Sometimes she wonders what she would do without them really! We are sure this thought arises in your mind as well. Pretties, do share with us your experiences with your handbag. We would love to hear your side of the story.

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