‘Bag It All’ by Nina Lekhi

In a pair of comfy trousers, a white top, a blue blazer, and a #slingbag from her very own ‘Rusted Revolution’ collection on her shoulder, Nina Lekhi looked flawless and her vibrant personality at the launch of her book #BagItAll at Sophia College stole everyone’s attention. Nina Lekhi is MD and Chief Design Curator at Baggit who started making and selling ‘bags with attitude’ as an 18-year-old student at Sophia Polytechnic College and today has made the brand a successful one. An excited Nina spoke a little about her journey as an entrepreneur and design curator, work-life balance and an encouraging message to all the passionate youth who are keen on running a business and becoming future entrepreneurs.

From Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’ to ‘Baggit’

Nina Lekhi mentioned that it was her curious and questioning mind that led her to initiate the Baggit journey. It all began with her doing a screen printing class and finding out that there was a dearth of graphic bags and fun bags in the market. This led her to make her first few bags which she would show it to her friends and family, and thankfully her parents were very supportive. Later she started being on the shop floor, selling and feeling the pulse. At this stage, she learnt a lot of important lessons and gained customer insights on the shop floor. That is when she started off with designing bags full-fledged and Baggit eventually started.

Strong values is a lighthouse for a design curator

Baggit is a brand that caters to the lifestyle and fashion needs of the modern Indian women. She spoke of how her designs and commitment to not using leather have been appreciated and bought by the Indian woman of all age groups, which gave her the impetus at the start and even today to provide the best. Her belief in beauty without cruelty has led her to use materials that are non-leather, #recyclable and environmental friendly. Also, there is always a mix of fashion and functionality in the designs which is the main USP. She further added that Baggit continues to design & manufacture its entire product portfolio in India which is in line with the company’s philosophy of “Make in India”.

Life’s a balancing Act

According to Nina Lekhi, “The key to a healthy, happy and successful life is finding a #balance between your personal and professional life.” She follows a four-day work week that helps her stay more focused on her work objectives. The other three days she spends at the Gurukulam in Pune, she and her husband have adopted. She engages in football matches with the children or goes on long treks or cycles down the mountain trails to distress herself. And whether she is at work or at the Gurukulam, she makes it a point to devote some time to herself. Sometimes, she spends a couple of hours at the gym after a hectic day at work and makes it a point to go cycling and swimming too, as it gives her immense satisfaction and happiness within.

Great risks means great achievements

True entrepreneurship is never being satisfied with achieving just one goal, says Nina Lekhi. The challenge is to raise the bar and to achieve new goals. Her advice to the youth is “Don’t play safe, start taking risks as it will help you explore new dimensions.” Taking risks is a part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. Do not get bogged down by the opinions of others, learn from your mistakes and imbibe them. Be punctual and learn to balance work life and personal life seamlessly. Health cannot wait for tomorrow, keep yourself fit and healthy. Find a kind of sport or activity that keeps you on top of your game. She personally follows this mantra, “travel more & more!”

That’s not it, there is so much more to Ms. Nina Lekhi! Her biography ‘Bag It All’ encapsulates an elaborate story about her life journey of the last 25 years and provides an emphasis on the successes and challenges of a women entrepreneur. Truly inspirational, get an impression of the lady behind Baggit and you will be amazed for sure. To know more about her journey, inspirations, learning’s, the brand and herself, pick up your #BagItAll copy at www.baggit.com.

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