Nina Lekhi’s ‘Bag It All’- An encouragement!

A lot like her journey from a top grader in school to an average student at college, to brushes and many more challenges thereafter. But all throughout many upheavals, she didn’t give up or lose hope. Nina Lekhi was enthusiastic and passionate about doing the one thing that was close to her heart- ’Making Bags’ and she did it. Her book #BagItAll launched recently is a proof that if she could do it, anyone can!

When failure pulls you back from achieving your goals!

The only way forward, is forward, says Nina Lekhi

Failure has that power to distance all that was once dear to you. It makes you believe that you are not capable of achieving and will label you as ‘good for nothing’. But for Nina Lekhi that was not the case. She had the option of sitting at home or moving ahead. She chose the latter which was the wisest decision she made. She stopped thinking about her failure and focused on the future. She did whatever she could to learn everything about running a retail store in the same year that she had lost everything. Hats off!

When you feel you are not strong enough to accomplish what you have set for yourself!

If you are brave enough to walk the path alone, help will come in some form, says Nina Lekhi

If you are determined about achieving your goal, don’t let anything come in your way. Swim against the current with willpower, things will become easier. There will be people in your life who will discourage you, but there will be some who will encourage you a lot more. People will leave, but some will always be there. Don’t lose heart or hope; help will always arrive if you work hard and are committed to your goal.

When you doubt the welfare of your future!

Visualize and manifest your future every two hours, says Nina Lekhi

Each individual creates his/her world through the mind. With the help of your mind, visualize everything, right from what you are going to do, how much fun you will have, how you are going to handle tricky situations, or your entire future. Nina Lekhi visualized her brand growing in leaps and bounds and #Baggit is witness that it really works!

When you feel nothing seems to be going right in your life!

Whatever you focus your attention on, grows, says Nina Lekhi

There are some things in life that don’t work out. Such times, all you got to do is focus on the positives rather the negatives. Change your perspective of the entire situation and there won’t be a day you feel that nothing seems to be going right in your life. Every bad experience is learning and be of the belief that the future will hold you so many better opportunities.

Apart from an elaborate depiction of her entrepreneurial journey, family and personal life, be floored by many of her musings encapsulated beautifully in her book #BagItAll. An encouragement to all, this biography of Baggit’s MD & Chief Design Curator will push you to achieve the greatest and make you believe that anyone is capable of accomplishing what they set for themselves. To get your copy of Nina Lekhi’s book, it is available at



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