Still Humming the Tunes of Her Favorite Songs

It is true, “Music is love, and love is music”.

She was the creative girl who was always consumed in her music every time she painted at college. He was the notorious kind spending time with his rowdy friends. Each time he saw her enter the classroom smiling, and earphones plugged in her ears, drowned in her music, his heart sank, thinking, “What kind of music does she listen to that inspires her and gets her so engrossed?” She made him get inquisitive every day.

It was January. She was preparing for her art examination that was to be scheduled later in the month. He wanted to get in touch with her to know more about her and her paintings, and most of all her song playlist. He knew music was a beautiful way to build a connection with her.

Immediately to her apartment came his letter with sweet wordings expressing his liking for her and a phone number to call.

They had their first date in a coffee shop. Returning to her apartment, they sat on the swing and talked together about their interests and her music of course. Eager to listen to her songs, she took out her phone and the earphones that were entangled. As she struggled to detangle, he patiently waited for the melodies to sink in his mind. Her playlist did not fail to amaze him and instant exchange of songs happened in no time.

It was the end of January, and the day of her art examination arrived. Each night, a phone call came in from him to greet her. They met often and enjoyed their time together every time they met.

It was on Valentine’s Day, he decided to take her to the beach and express his love. She was presented a well-wrapped box out of which came out an adorable gift- a heart-shaped earphone holder with a keychain of his initial attached to it, just what she needed and something that would remind her of him. A thoughtful gift coming from him impressed her! That evening, both realized that music got them closer and continues to keep their bond stronger…

Joy for them was pouring out all their love for each other and music.

He continued to take out time to enjoy the beach escapades, sit on the sand and hum the tunes of her favourite songs with her…

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