What’s the Sunday Plan Girls?

Valentine’s Day might be over, but how about we keep alive the love, whether it is the love for yourself, food, fitness, reading, friends & Sundays!!! Talking about Sundays, it’s the finale to the weekend. You can either be depressed about the week that lies ahead of you or you could embrace it by being you’re most productive, yet stylish self. Because fashion and style cannot be compromised, whatever you plan to do. Don’t let the hatred of Mondays steal the thunder of Sundays. So how about ending the weekend with a bang!

Sweat it in Style

We know the entire week can get really exhausting. Sitting all day in office and giving extra hours at work can drain you completely. Giving at least one day to yourself to de-stress and feel rejuvenated is essential. Don’t you think? How about starting your Sunday with a quick jog on the beach or simply heading to the nearest gym! In a pair of comfy track pants, a t-back tank top, your sneakers on and a sporty #dufflebag to hold all your fitness essentials, leave your home looking stylish and ready to take the day ahead by storm. Looking your best and feeling good goes without saying, even if it is the gym you plan to go to. Go ahead, sweat it style girls and stay fit!


Live to Eat

After an amazing workout, sip on a refreshing drink and gorge on a healthy breakfast. Just what you need to get charged up! With your hectic schedules and meetings, fetching yourself the time to go grocery shopping during the week is a big task, we know of. Avoid the worry of staying hungry by simply making a quick grocery list this Sunday. Without thinking twice, slip on a pair of denims, a printed t-shirt, your sandals and a mini #slingbag to hold your miniature essentials- money, cards, carkeys, phone, and off you head to the store, all this for the love of food. Live to eat while you stay fashionable, we say!



Life is better with Friends

Just when you have completed your household chores, let loose and spend a little time with your friends because life is better with friends around. Go watch a movie or how about a quick lunch with them. As you plan to do either of the two, make sure what you wear lifts your spirit high. Go for a casual chic look – Wear a cotton shirt dress, white sneakers, and a light colored #slingbag on your shoulder to add to your overall relaxed look. With all the fun in store for you, look fashionable this Sunday!



Find a good read

You have had a crazy day and you will soon be calling it a night and what better way to wind the day with a good read. How about a quick trip to the library, girls! Might sound a little boring, but it’s a great way to end your Sunday, we suggest. Carry off an off-shoulder dress, a mini #backpack and your reading glasses on, find a good read at your nearest book store and immerse yourself in a book that interests you before you sleep. A good book is a ticket to good sleep, just what you need to take over Monday.


Doesn’t this fantastic plan want to make you embrace Sundays and make it the most electrifying day of the week? Hope this inspires you to do something interesting this Sunday. Don’t forget to let us know what are your plans? We would love to be a part

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