Know what it’s like to be a Handbag!

Being a girl’s best companion has its pros and cons, ask me about it! I am a lovely pastel colored sling bag manufactured in India and at the Baggit factory. Keeping in mind the latest trends and the season, the designers at Baggit have highlighted me in a pastel rose pink shade, and designed me in a unique pattern and silhouette, giving me a colorful ease and apt to don in the summers. I was kept on display for sale at the Baggit brand store in Bandra. Baggit is one of the most loved handbags and accessories brand in India and I am so proud to be part of this outlet and be displayed amongst all the trendy and stylish bags, wallets, belts, hats for different occasions and looks. My sensual, calm and serene tone brings out the understated luxury of pastels beautifully which caught the fancy of many who have entered the store.

One day Mrs. Tandon, a lady in a saree came in looking for a bag for daily purpose. She tried me, but honestly, I did not suit her personality, although she kept praising my looks. Thankfully, the store staff explained to her I was perfect for a casual day out and a tote bag is what she needed to look for. Phew!

The staffs at the store always manage to amaze me with their knowledge and secretive nature. Secretive because, every month I am introduced to a new collection of my fellow mates in innovative designs and colours, something I look forward to.

Few hours later, another young girl, Mira entered the store with her friends, took a fancy to me, and tried me on before the mirror. Such a pretty colour, and so spacious, she spoke to her friends. As she contemplated for five minutes and pursued the opinions of her friends, she agreed to pick me up. I matched her casual attire and suited her body frame well. She was a pretty young girl and I was so happy to rest on her shoulders.

She had come to the store specifically looking for a bag that she could carry to college and that will match her youthful personality. I had a wonderful opportunity to travel in her company. She took me to college early in the morning, to the classroom, to the cafeteria, the movies and café shops in the city. It has been a fabulous adventure! With all her books inside me, and her miniature essentials in the zipper slots, she always left for college well-equipped and in style. In her college, with girls and boys in their best attires and accessories, they were youngsters trying to uplift their fashion quotient every day. With me on the shoulders, she tried her hands at participating in different college events and won so many prizes in all. I am so proud to be part of it all!

We then headed to her friend’s house for a quick study session, where I had a glimpse of all the hard work and a little play as well. I have been with Mira since a month and perfectly fine. She takes utmost care of me referring to the wash and care instructions, which keep me newer by the day. But with the variety of bags she possesses, and when it’s time for her to party or head to the grocery store, she leaves me aside and picks up a clutch or a mini sling bag from her closet to carry. But I have no regrets. I have explored so many places and love being her companion during the weekdays, which will be treasured memories.

Also, there’s a secret I can’t keep to myself. Before I was purchased, I happened to eavesdrop on the store staff and there’s an exciting collection coming up soon this month that has bags in a variety of subtle, pastel colours. So, if you wish to sensualize your looks, I suggest you take a look. A pinch of pastel pink will surely add to your fashion quotient, just like how I always manage to keep Mira looking stylish always.  


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