Baggit is part of Princess India- a very Special Beauty Pageant!

A unique and very special beauty event is being held for the first time in the world and Baggit will be a part of this event ‘Princess India 2016-17’- Beauty Pageant for Visually Impaired girls is to be held on 8th March.

True beauty is not just your outward beauty but a permutation combination of different qualities, your confidence, loyalty, kindness; it is your nature and personality that can shine through you. Typically, when we speak of beauty, the thought that arise in one’s minds would possibly be the shape, color, features or anything that pleases the aesthetic sense. Beauty is all about representing your positivity, your dreams and being a role model for everyone around you.

Ever since we were children, we were more concerned about our appearance and people’s opinion about the way we looked, and till today our looks matter so much. Most of us might relate to this. But the truth is we will not always be able to look our best every day. Our looks will fade eventually. It is the choice that we have to make to either let go of our thoughts or ponder over it and feel miserable. We need to believe that everyone is unique and each one of us is created to shine bright, set examples for others and see the world change for the better.

We need to be who we are; we need to be our true selves. We need to accept our positives and our flaws too, and must do our best to live original. Because that’s what matters! The beauty that comes from applying mascara, a little foundation and a smear of lipstick might last a while, but true beauty comes from within. We don’t have to try too hard to look beautiful, because when you are beautiful on the inside, it will reflect on the outside. And looks like the fashion world understands the significance of the quote “Beautiful inside and out” really well.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the NGO Blind Dreams is organizing Princess India – a beauty pageant to celebrate the beauty and talents of visually impaired girls this year. Fashion handbag and accessory brand, Baggit will be part of the show and support the 16 girls who will showcase their talent, intellect as they walk the ramp. Nina Lekhi, MD and Chief Design Curator of Baggit has always been a believer of enhancing beauty inside & outside and this has always been the founding philosophy of her company, Baggit.

The event will be conducted to boost every girl’s morale and provide them a platform to show off their true beauty. This beauty show is one way to tell the world that one must not think too little of themselves and everyone is beautiful! It is also to give a loud shout out to the audience that beauty is much more than just your looks. We are loving this initiative!

Know more about this most-awaited event and Baggit’s association with the beauty show, a lot of pictures too in store for you too in our next blog. Stay Tuned!


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