Beauties with Talents @PrincessIndia Beauty Pageant!

It is a rare scene where everyone gets equal opportunity to showcase their talent. On Women’s Day, fashion met reality without any barriers @PrincessIndia – a beauty pageant organized in Mumbai for visually impaired girls. A one-of-a-kind event wherein sixteen beautiful girls were provided a platform to walk the ramp, showcase their talent, intellect, and speak about their life’s ambitions in the presence of celebrities and eminent personalities like @JohnAbraham & @SubhashGhai and more. This unique event which was held for the first time truly instilled in the minds of all that everyone is beautiful and beauty is much more than just the looks. It was a unique way to celebrate unconventional beauty standards.

The event was organized by Mr Samir Mansuri, Chairman of the NGO Blind’s Dream, who is himself blind by birth. What’s amazing is how he has dedicated a major part of his earnings to fulfill the dreams of people without sight and also has been contributing to various charitable activities like “Princess India” for the Blind to realize their dreams. He flew down 42 visually impaired girls to Mumbai to fulfill their dream of flying, visiting Esselworld and a meet-up with Bollywood actor @VarunDhavan. Hats off to that!


The girls who had already accomplished so much were extremely elated and overwhelmed by the opportunity that was given to them to showcase their talents. The show was a reminder that life is a gift given to all, cherish it and make your mark. And the next time you complain about life, these girls will be a motivation for you to be thankful and happy. It was great to witness the enthusiasm and vigor to do something extraordinary and accomplish more in life. They were thankful for everyone who believed in them and hoped that their ventures could be an encouragement for others like them.

Dressed in beautiful gowns and accessories, the girls walked down the ramp showcasing their skills and talents with grace and style. Some of them were beautiful dancers while some mellifluous singers, every girl’s confidence on stage and smile not only thrilled the audience, but also boosted their morale to never give up, no matter what. The girls set a remarkable example for all to be ambitious and go after your dreams, even when the going gets tough. Fab Show!

Each girl walked the ramp with a woman achiever. Among the different women achievers like Sapna Jaswani, the chairperson of ‘We Care’ for Thalassemia, @AchalaSachdev, @Sapna Bhavnani, and others, @NinaLekhi who is Baggit’s MD & Chief Design Curator, was also present. She was ecstatic to be a part of the event and provided her support to the girls to achieve their dreams. A proud moment for her

After a series of elimination rounds and semi-finals, the grand finale was exciting with three girls crowned as winners. We wish the winners a hearty congratulation and salute all the girls who were part of the beauty pageant. They truly are an inspiration to everyone. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.


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