The Modern Woman is a burst of Creativity

“I associate adventure with business and I use meditation as my medium to introspect and make decisions in business that is both innovative & creative.” says Baggit’s MD & Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi.


Nina Lekhi believes in an internal state of mind rather than having a pure affiliation to an external lifestyle. For her, growing Baggit is like playing a game with high spirits and yet being spiritual. She looks at adventure as her method to grow her appetite to take big innovative jumps and analyze her courage in business. Besides, travelling across the globe inspires creativity within her and eventually gets injected in the Baggit product portfolio.


Like Nina Lekhi, the modern woman of today is creative and unconventional. Meet her anywhere and she will impress you with her good deal of intellectual playfulness whether it is at work, with family or friends.She is constantly manipulating her ideas and always reasons with herself saying, ‘How would this look otherwise?’, or ‘What if we alter this?’ Her willingness to change, high-spirited nature, and unique approach towards life is a quality you should look up to and by doing so you too will work towards a different and better future. Rather than focusing on the negatives, she offers a new perspective to things and loves to do things differently. The innovative woman of today knows that winners don’t do different things, they do things differently and she practices the same.

However, all the enthusiasm and vigor she possesses does not necessarily mean that her life is all rosy. One thing is clear for her that even in all the mundaneness she will be creating the best days for herself. We should be looking up to this girl, now, shouldn’t we?

And despite the ups and downs in life, she never fails to look her best. Creativity and innovation brings out the best in her and allows her to give a fresh perspective in life and her fashion sense. She is always experimenting and is always thinking how she could turn her outfits into something extraordinary. DIY it all the way! She picks up a plain denim dress from the store and adds her favorite patch designs to give her outfit a cool-girl finish. With the dress, she slips in her white sneakers and slings a stripes inspired #slingbag on her shoulder to flaunt her ingenious personality. Too cool!


Girls, continue to be curious about things, generate a lot of ideas, and take risks, to unleash your creative streak every day. Stay tuned for the next women personality trait we will be tapping into and you might just relate with her. Don’t forget to watch out for this space next month. Till then, love being you!

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