When all the Secrets are revealed!

Have you ever wondered that there could be a different side to your best friend, your neighbor or even the boy who you recently started dating? Confused? Well, it’s simple!There is always a different , yet intriguing side, we might not reveal sometimes. But guess what? Where there is a will, there is a way- A naughty way as we put it! A sneak peek at the contents of a handbag might give you a different impression of a person. Yes, you read it right.

Women and men are known for sharing certain secrets- the lipstick brand they adore using, their favorite parlor, the new clothing in their closet, and the men about their fitness secrets and collection of watches, but (whether you agree or not) some things are sacred and cannot be told, depending on the person of course.

We all agree that the handbag is the most prominent essential, but the content that goes inside the bag matters a lot more. Your handbag carries your entire world. What’s inside your bag represents you, your crucial kit to face the world and get you through the day. You will be surprised as you unearth different people’s secrets just by getting a glimpse of the contents in their handbag!

You will discover the unexpected, but don’t be too surprised. Everyone’s different and its ok From her blog , who knew Baggit’s MD & Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi is a lot more than what meets the eye. You might think of her as a disciplined and probably an uninteresting entrepreneur who runs a 100 crore company, but from what she carries in her bag – earphones that she uses to catch up on inspirational talks, old Hindi music, her make-up set and jewelry, a packet of dry fruits, and a sipper for all her fitness sessions, might persuade you to think otherwise.

Also, the time when you least expect your fun-loving friend’s mother, to be a big fan of ‘The Haunting od Hill House’ – a horror fiction novel. This you noticed when you saw her slip the book inside her #totebag while she got ready for work every time you waited for your Late Lateef friend each day. Fun-loving and a horror fiction novel! What kind of person is she, you would wonder?

Let’s not forget that reclusive fresher from your workplace who you just bumped into the restroom at the after-hours party, who got changed into a cocktail dress she took out from her oversized bag, a well-used hairbrush, a brand of lipstick and eyeliner, and her copy of a fashion magazine. An introvert who loves to jazz up a little, interesting!

And every time you asked your geeky sister to watch a movie with you, she would politely deny saying “Got to study”, but after sneakily entering her room and watching her pack her #backpack with a pair of sports shoes, a deodorant and a change of clothes, just like Jess from the movie ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, you immediately got your thinking cap on. Maybe, she is much more than a studious girl.

Even the fitness enthusiast boyfriend who you recently started dating had his bag filled with more than just the basics – phones, organizer, a tablet, and his money and cards neatly stacked in his #wallet which you happened to get a look at the movies ticket counter. A fitness freak and well-organized…his hidden depths all revealed.

In amongst the familiar, you surely will notice the absolute peculiar in anyone’s handbag and your immediate impression of people will change for sure. Don’t get too sneaky, but being a little observant wouldn’t do anyone harm…:)



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