Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for the Modern Girl!


A cluttered home, workspace, or worse, a muddled mind can get quite messy. We all agree, don’t we? Clothes scattered on the bed in your home, papers were strewn on your desk at work, and not forgetting all the thoughts that haunt you about the future, and a lot more every day. But strangely enough, you still live with all the chaos around and do nothing about it. It is time you get inspired from our modern woman and start integrating the minimalistic approach in probably a few areas of your life.

You meet today’s modern woman and she will blow you away by her planning and organizing skills. She stays away from clutter, focuses on her work rather than the rewards, and she is someone who puts in efforts to keep her workspace tidy- it’s all about keeping it simple. Look up to her techniques she follows to clear out all the mess in her life, some of it include meditation, yoga and other physical activities. Rather than worrying about the future and getting lost in the clutter, every single day of life is to be enjoyed and made the most of. The woman of today knows this very well and she is here to enlighten you.

Talking about her fashion sense, her closet will not consist of more than 30 apparels. She abides by her principle “Less is more” and believes that sleek and simple can look stylish than even the loudest of outfits. With summers setting in and the temperatures soaring high, for her fashion means a great pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and her favorite flip-flops on a casual day. For a formal look, she will slip into a monochrome shirt dress, black ankle-knee boots, and a simple, yet impactful #maroon #shoulderbag to complement her outfit. When it concerns her accessories, she sticks to dainty earring and rings-big, small, thin, and oddly shaped, and sometimes stacks them all together. Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie has always been known and praised for her minimalist style- often choosing all black, nude and monochrome outfits, a pair of simple, strappy heels & her bags often standing out. There’s sheer glamor hidden in being a minimalist, experience it yourself!


What about you? What are the ways you are going to adopt to lead a clutter-free life? Besides that, this summer season certainly calls for making an impact the minimalistic way with the right kind of clothes and accessories. So much to learn from our modern girl! Stay tuned for the next women personality trait we will be tapping into, and there might be something interesting you can take from her.

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