Make it a summer to Remember!

It’s May! With the sun shining bright and everyone in the mood for a vacation, you begin to think of your childhood days when you were only occupied with sleeping, playing on the beach, gorging on some delicious food and everything comforting. The best time of the year is here for you to relive your childhood days. Take a break from your hectic work schedule and do something fun and exciting this season, whether it is travelling to a destination, reading a good book, learning a new recipe or involving yourself in any activity. Give a break to whatever you are juggling with in life because you deserve a little summer fun folks.


Go ahead, make your summer an exciting one with these super fun ideas we have pooled together. Are you ready to give it a try? We are excited as much as you are! Here it goes…


Call for an Encore!

The countdown for Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour concert has begun and people have been going crazy. Head to the most-awaited show and have the time of your life. If you are not making it to the concert this summer, there might be a live streaming of the event. You might want to find that out!


Do the ZUMBA!

Leave alone the gym and the monotonous jogging routine every morning; try a super fun workout by enrolling yourself for a zumba class today. High-octane and impactful, get your fitness game on. It will be totally worth it!


Get Imaginative!

Fiction, non-fiction or maybe a biography for inspiration, we suggest you dive into a new book this summer and tweak your imagination. Nina Lekhi’s biography, ‘Bag It All’ is quite an inspirational read, excellent to motivate you to follow your passion and achieve the greatest. Get a look and cultivate a lifetime reading habit, starting today.


Bonjour, Monsieur!  

As sophisticated and intimidating French, Spanish or German sounds, it’s always fun and interesting to learn a new language. Don’t you think? Go ahead give your brain a boost with a new language class!


Travel to Explore

Life has to be lived dangerously and in order to do so, it is important to venture into the unknown. With long weekends piling up this summer, plan your travel trip to your favorite destination, Goa will be a fabulous idea with your friends, family or even a solo trip (backpacking in the Himalayas). Such travel escapades will help you stay vibrant, fit and healthy, and always on the edge. Also, a little birdie tells us that handbag and accessories brand, Baggit is giving away a duffel bag on the purchase of merchandise worth Rs. 3499 soon. Doesn’t this give you another reason to plan a super exciting travel trip? For us, it surely does. Stay Tuned!

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. Do share with us the activities you plan to take up this summer. We would love to be a part

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