You Love MOM Because….

She is the reason you exist, she is the best cook, she shops for you, she keeps your room tidy, and does so much more than you expect her to do. Sometimes, her unconditional love and deeds will leave you speechless…We have jotted down a few reasons why mothers are the world’s best people. These certainly do not suffice, but enough to get you thinking of that special bond you share with your Mother for sure. Read on..

She is a Mentor

She knows it all, right? Just when nothing seems to be going your way and you are bogged down, she is always there by your side, advising you to take life easy. She explains to you that situations are only temporary in life, and things are bound to get better eventually. She keeps on reminding you that “This too shall pass”…

She is an Encourager

When you fail a task and lose hope, she is there standing right beside you, encouraging you to work hard, and never give up on your dreams. You might have given up on yourself, but she continues to believe in you because she knows you are capable of achieving the greatest. Sometimes, her motivation is all it takes to make you feel great.

She is a Superwoman

She makes everyone happy! She wakes up early in the morning, manages her household, kids, heads to work and despite all the multi-tasking and chaos in her life, she is unstoppable and comes out like a champion.

She is a Giver

Hats off to all the sacrifices she makes for you. Whether it is dinner at home or at a fancy restaurant, she knows that a full belly is a happy belly. She will let you have the very last bite even though she is still hungry, because keeping you fed is all that matters to her. Talk about having a big heart!

She is a Friend

You know she’s the best friend you could ever have when she decides to take you shopping to cheer you up after you have had a rough day at work or the time when she listened to you patiently and resolved your issues whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on.

Your hectic schedule and other priorities in life might not make you realize her immense love for you. So, how about you take this Mother’s Day to celebrate her and make her feel special by spending some quality time with her? And as you appreciate the things she does for you, you might want to also think of gifting her something special, maybe a pretty handbag or accessory to show your love and affection towards her. She deserves it, don’t you think?

Do share with us some beautiful experiences with your mother that made you realize that your love for her will never fade no matter what! Do fill us on that special gift you planning to buy as well, we would like to know

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