Sneak peek into the minds of Baggit designers!


Hey folks!

It is true that behind every creation lies the spirit of inspiration. At Baggit, the wide range of handbags in different silhouettes and adorned with intricate details must make you wonder the inspiration behind such unique designs. It is the passion of every designer at the brand to stay up-to-date with the current fashions and styles, their creativity and a few inspirations experienced which they bring alive in the designs.


We give you a glimpse of some of the inspirations. Be amazed!

French Navy

The designers @Baggit are inspired by the color of sailors, #navyblue to exude understated style and hence, have integrated the hue in the range of #hobobags. #Inspiration #Baggit #womensfashion

inspi 1


More the Merrier

Inspired by the maximalist trend, the designers @Baggit have integrated decorative bows to provide a fresh appeal to this #hobobag.  #Inspiration #Baggit #womensfashion


Cute as a Button

Inspired by coloured studded buttons, the designers @Baggit have taken embellishments to a whole new level by incorporating this in the range of #hobobags. #Inspiration #Baggit #womensfashion



Jungle Theme

Inspired by contrasting effects, the designers @Baggit are inspired by jungle greenery to create this subtle, yet attractive #slouchy #satchel. #Inspiration #Baggit #womensfashion

inspi 2

Geometry in Fashion

Inspired by geometric construction, this #mini shoulder bag with elevated detailing is perfect to carry to your after-hours party. #Inspiration #Baggit #womensfashion #pastels

inspi 4

Doesn’t this tweak your creative side and motivate you to be inspired as well? Like Baggit designers, do share with us the things, people or anything that inspires you to bring out the best in your work. We would love to know. Because, to be inspired is fabulous!

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