Twerk to the Rainy Rhythm

We always say,


“Rain, Rain Go Away! Pour down some other day, cause’ we’ve got plans today!”

Monsoon is known as the epic spoiler for any outdoor plan. People tend to ca


ncel their trips, they change the mode of travel and shift the venue, outdoor to indoor weddings, and the list goes on. But this season, why don’t you snatch away the spotlight from the rains? Make the rains dance to your tune. Embrace the showers in style!

Whites are avoided to be safe from some eyeing snarls. Dare to wear something similar with a little twist. A sheer skirt- Let your legs do the talking. Team it with running shoes and a smart saddle sling with a fringe to sweep the streets with your fashion quotient.

When you are indecisive or confused between a pair of shorts and a skirt, we say you Skort it. The adventures on your way cannot stop you from sporting a skirt; neither can your cycling session be uncomfortable while bearing a skirt. Garb in a fl


oral Skort with a backpack on shoulders with your perfect flats to set it as your Go-to look.

Monsoons always keep you on the edge, leaving you dicey with what to put on, or should you even dress up. What if it rains? Leave the rains pale by playing around with some frill. Show off an edgy and boho look while enduring a skirt with ruffles, wedges to match up and a cute tote bag. Catch up with a thrilling night by gearing up in Frill.

Puddles are fun to play with, in rains. You can jump in, float paper boats or build mud castles. Thinking of paper boats reminds me of the paper bag ski


rt. The basic cotton twill skirt is updated with a cinched waist, creating The Paper Bag Skirt. Double belt loops allow for variation of overlaid fabric on the hips. A rolled cuff creates an adjustable hemline. Show off the ever-so-perfect combination of the skirt with elegant boots and a drawstring sling while ramping on the streets. So, drench in the comfort of a Paper Bag Skirt.

We all miss our college days. Those were the days when we were exposed to the outside world for the first time. We would love to imitate our favorite stars back then just to gain some attention from our crushes. Adore those good old days by s


porting a Skater Skirt. Sport a skater skirt



with quirky sneakers and a satch

el bag to complete the look. Flirt around with everlasting cuteness of Skater Skirt!

Don’t let monsoon spill the much awaited thrill. Hold back the excitement and let the rains adjust to your style statement.


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