Geek up the look!


Geek up the look!

Colleges are hot and short for fashionistas; the comfortable days of experimenting and juggling to identify the true self. Be it the sophisticated nerd look or the friendly girl next door look or even ‘I’m so not out of the school’ mood look, the point is to make the heads turn. Here is a quick style book to browse through the looks that you can pull in through the rainy college days.

  1. Back-to-school T-shirts

Wear your heart full of sarcastic pick-up lines out on your sleeves. Stay Cool in Style!


  1. Dip in the seasonal blues

A mix of colors to match the sky moods- with the clouds so black and blue along with the showering droplets, get in the motion of skirts and Swirl in Style!



  1. Chase the classes with the pool slides

Feel the comfort of wearing the slides like roaming around the pools instead of the classes. They are the perfect set of footwear to put on while you even splash and pool in the puddles. Fall in the Comfort in Style!



  1. Snooze button buns for the late comers

When you’re cozily wrapped in your blanket and keep snoozing the alarm, these buns come to rescue you. A perfect way to save your hair from getting wet in the rains, the buns keep you Carefree in Style!




  1. Break the monotony with lively chokers

Shorts or a dress or a suit, you have various chokers to suit your varied attires. Pick the best to adorn the neck and you are ready to Turn Heads in Style!



  1. Pull in the attention by hanging along with your best companion, BAGS!

Even when you don’t have a company, you’re hanging along with a friend you carry everywhere, your bag. Your wise choice can make you Stand-out in Style!



Don’t forget to try up the looks and keep us updated with your own molded looks. We would love to catch up with your self-innovated looks.



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