Taboo is only a Boo-Boo!



Did you know Sir Isaac Newton was the one who came up with the Color Wheel in 1666?

Do you know colors are perceived differently by both genders, male and female?

Colors have always been very gender centric. A very famous line says it all, “Pink is for her and Blue for him”. There are many colors which have that feminine touch to them like pastels. These are soothing colors which when worn by men, the person might get attached to a tag.

In the changing times, the definition of couture doesn’t stick and neither does a particular trend last long but, the tags have stuck to men ever since. But the shackles are breaking with the men getting comfortable in their own skin and choices; and with the openness to experiments, the color palette was redefined.

Pink has an intricate connection with politeness, the romantics, charm, sweetness and tenderness. Usually these are the characteristics associated with women. But, don’t men have these as common characters? Not all, but at least a few.

Similarly, the other colors’ significance was taken into consideration to form a new color taboo for men. But, as the fashionistas and stylists opened their constrained boundaries, they could see the world from the telescopic view. The view was good but it would take time to reach there. Now, when we see back, just few years back pink was added to the men’s wardrobe and they are rocking the color back and forth in style. It does depend on the skin tone to let the color interact with the personality but otherwise, it’s just perfect to flaunt it around.

Pastel palette was never touched by men before. Blue would always be royal or navy but never sky. Now, the range is switching every season. Boys have bagged all the colors to their kitty in almost everything; their socks, the bags, handkerchiefs, their shoes to the mobile covers.

Contrasting colors Yellow and Red were considered as the Spring colors adorned by feminine beauties but the clocks ticked and so did this notion. Tones and shades of these colors are added to the Men’s wardrobe not just in shirts and t-shirts but even trousers of different sorts. We can see tones of green and grey in the upcoming palettes making it big on the runways.

It’s good to try the limits because as you see them expanding, it gives you a new high to keep experimenting and broadening the horizon.

Baggit has been updating the palette. Keep experimenting and innovating with

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