A Classic Fusion- Denim and Rust


Most of us, maybe even all of us, would believe ‘whatever is beautiful, must have a clean look’. But it may not be necessarily true. Some things look beautiful when they don’t carry that clean look when they have aged when they stand apart from the run-of-the-mill clean stuff!
Rust is one beautiful thing that can add that look to things. Technically, rust is a reddish- or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, over a period of time, especially in the presence of moisture. But as you see, from this definition itself comes the poetry. Rust adds very tasteful colours to metal. It is a product of time and signifies that the metal has fulfilled its role and is transitioning back to nature. The metal may lose its illumination and durability, but it takes on a rustic and warm feeling, making it somewhat lonely, but beautiful and enchanting!
My own personal style ranges from bohemian to sophisticated. I usually tend to look for unconventional styles to inspire me to design my next range of bags and other accessories. It came to me as a thought that rust might make bags look infinitely fascinating. And that inspired me to conceptualize this extraordinary collection, ‘The Rusted Revolution’, which transformed into a product assortment that provides grunge look with an element of sophistication.
I like the way it had come out and truly believe that rust never sleeps. It tells stories, and I’ve tried to tell stories through this collection. The collection’s other range is set to fall in similar footsteps. Inspired from Rust, we have something which has been around forever now, Denim. Denim has always been associated with casual dressing. I wanted to take its rawness to next level. I wanted to create stylized pieces that can be perfect for a workplace and even for a casual outing. The grunge of rust is inculcated smartly with the metal bottle caps and zips embellished with safety pins.
Photos of bags: Harper Livia Blue, Elisa Livia Blue

Denim can help to create upcycled products which ooze out value and quality. Denim is the story of your fashion which adds beauty to it as it fades. Rust compliments this beauty. Stripped denim are in vogue. Even though it’s torn, it adorns the contour of the body just as rust on the antique frame. Denim has moved beyond trends and it’s all about how you personalize it. CLASSIC COLORTRAL is Denim’s Story; it’s about deconstructing old denim to create something new.
Photos of Bags: Rick Livia Blue, Vin Livia Blue

The idea behind CLASSIC COLORTRAL was to evolve something versatile, something that is not controlled by trends is durable and can be assembled with anything. When it comes to styling these statement pieces, I’d suggest the minimal approach to let the piece stand out. The collection shouts out to your busy lifestyle to relax the serious, stern look that we carry. It carries the energy and the vibe of existing since decades but still being out-of-the-box.
This amazing collection comprises of clutches, totes, slings & shredded denim bags developed from eco-friendly materials (coinciding with Baggit’s values of CRUELTY-FREE BEAUTY) ranging from suede, to cane and extending to denim. ~Using bottle caps with rusted metal aligned with Denim, and safety pins, we’ve given the collection a look of experience and antiqueness, a sort of chic and vintage look and feel.
CLASSIC COLORTRAL has given you a starting point and you can take the bag on the journey of authentic self-expression. I’m sure this new collection will add the much-needed dose of glamour to a modern woman’s wardrobe.
Have a look at ‘Classic Colortral’ here, and bag it today!

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