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Imbibing a lot of questions and queries, we picked up a note to which we could relate. Mostly, everyone that we know faces a problem in choosing a handbag, though, there is a handbag made for each body shape. Here is the biggest fashion faux pas that most women tend to make. To carry or not to carry, “Will it suit me”? How will you decipher; read further.

There are some universal norms to follow and you are sorted. The size of the handbag you choose is just as important as your body type. The size of your handbag should ALWAYS be in proportion to your figure.

Here are some GREAT tips for choosing a handbag depending on to your body type.

Teeny Weeny

A mix and match with bags always works. Movies inspire you to experiment with different types of bags available. Talking about oversized bags, they might look a bit too large to carry for a pretty petite lady. The smaller the bags, the taller you look as large bags might tend to overwhelm your frame. You don’t require an appetite bag!

orangle sling

Long Tall Sally

Bags should complement your aligned beauty. The tall and pretty you need a bag which ends towards your waist to drift the focus to your frame. Choosing handbags with a short, slouchy shape like the hobo will help you not only in doing justice to your attire but also fits perfectly into your contour line. Small bags will make you appear taller while wider bags are into zoom in the attention. A clutch is a good choice if you’re opting to go minimalistic.


Plus the Blush

Never look down upon what you’ve got. A large structured or boxy bag allows you to balance out your curves. While a small bag might make you look larger, a large bag can get in the required space to pose perfectly for snaps. If you love prints, steer clear of tiny patterns. Don’t hide what you hold but be bold to enhance the real gold! The BIGGER the BETTER!


Curves to Adore

A curvy figure always has the waist-line in focus. To not shift the focal point, a shoulder handbag that ends just above the waist is the most flattering style for you. It not just yearns for attention but fits in a pleasing way. The only type of handbag to avoid is one that is too big or too small in relation to your overall frame. Seize every opportunity to grab all the eyes where you want them to look.


Bottoms to Lure

Pick on the right strings and lady, you’re good to go! Choose a bag with a short strap, which can be tucked easily under the arm. A good look for a shoulder handbag or a hobo handbag that hangs slightly but ends well above the hips is perfect for you. Not above, not below! But don’t fix up on the rules because fashion has no rule to bind you!


Now that you have found the carved Marvel for you, it’s time to go SHOPPING!


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