Do it the Girl Way!

A step here and there,
Oh! Why do I stay as if I don’t care?
My keys, my phone, my cards, my bills of fare;
Collected? Yes, finally I don’t have anything’s absence to bear!

We have always heard that girls are more organized than boys. They keep everything in place and are the best in managing their mess. While boys, on the other hand, are lethargic, unorganized and at times can live a dysfunctional life.

How true is that?

Well, it can vary from person to person as every human being has different personality traits. But, here we are talking about the boys who are disorganized.

Women, come what may, do not miss on their phone, charger, their vanity kit, their wallet and other essentials. What about boys?

From the cluttered beds to littered floors, these disorganized boys can be surrounded in dearth of cleanliness and still be ok lazing around in there. We can actually imagine a scene from the movie, The Hangover, where Stu asks Alan, “Ew, Allen, did you just eat sofa pizza?”

Not diverting from the topic, what would help these boys?

To start with, the clothes are always a problem to maintain after laundry or even for drying the sweaty pants. You can fix this up with a Hanger Organizer Wardrobe. The hangers come in for multi-utilitarian purposes as well. The different circular compartments allow hanging all your ties neatly.

The other major problem is a pile of boxers and briefs thrown at one’s own discretion. An early start to the day is delayed in depth of the pile of clothes. A single box can sort the issue with you not requiring a dedicated drawer.

If you are travelling, a messenger bag comes handy to place all your essentials compactly.



If you ever need to dump your clothes as you don’t have time to fold them clean or hang them, always be supported by the handy furniture. That doesn’t mean you pull a chair and make it look like its coat and fur is off. Instead, have stools or chairs which have a hollow storing space beneath the seating lid.

Tips and suggestions only work when they are implemented. So guys, get on your feet. Get the needful and get ORGANIZED. We shall soon be back with more interesting topics and guides to stay updated. Stay TUNED!

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