Organize and Accessorize!

Organize and Accessorize!
We left you on a note where you could organize your clothes. Hope the tips worked well. We’re back again to get you Organized.
Clothes, ties and briefs could all be done away neatly in your wardrobe. We don’t want you to miss on the accessories, though, while you run out of a quick shower and slip in the pile of your stuff.
When you open your closet, what do you see? A normal reply would be clothes and hangers. Well, you have more than that. The door of your closet is the biggest utility you’ve got. A steel rod with hooks on, attached to the door could be a great place to hang your belts. Keep them in place with a stretch string to secure them safely inside.
The door can have small trays attached to it to hold your caps and glares in place.
A space near to bed is the place for things you might like to see before sleeping. A small shelf to hold all the necessary things which you might not be able to find in the rush hour can be placed here in direct contact with your eyes. The shelf adjacent to the floor can hold your collection of bags to keep you ready for any occasion. If you are going for a meeting, a Messenger bag comes handy to keep all your things compact along with your laptop.

The closets, usually, don’t have many pockets in the drawers. The drawers can be covered with biscuit boxes having pockets. These can be cut according to the size of the drawer for a perfect fit. The watches can be easily secured here. If you don’t fall for the DIY ideas, the collection of watches can be secured in watch boxes available in a wide range. A sponge added to the same can have the cufflinks pinned to the box in an elegant and neat manner.
Men, usually have a thing for shoes more than women could ever have. Their formal wear, sneakers, pool slides; each to match a particular look, these cannot be allowed to enter your room. Footwear is meant to be kept in your living room to avoid the dust from entering your rooms. A canvas hanger bag with good six-nine sections should keep your shoes in an attractive way; Sorted as Ever. Hang this outside the entrance door or behind the door to avoid dashing in them while entering or exiting.
Men, we’ve got your back with all the advice you need to organize yourself. Do get back to us with a feedback if our tips were helpful. Stay in touch to help us serve you better!

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