Camouflage- The On-Street Battle!



India has been transforming and adapting to changes in these 70 years. It not only is one of the most populated countries but has the longest constitution in the world as well. India comes in top 3 countries with the largest army. Indian actor Akshay Kumar has rightly and impressively described India in the movie, Namastey London.

Baggit salutes the valor of the Indian soldiers. They stay secluded from their families for months and years and fight for the nation with passion and love for the country. Soldiers have a way out with their enemies. They camouflage themselves to stay safe and attack unexpectedly.

Camouflage is an attitude to carry. It is a protective layer which blends in with the character of the person and disguises the fear to behold it within. It is a cover which everyone wants to own and keep in the wardrobe. It is a fashion statement which gives you the space to experiment and cover the fear of taking a risk of trying something new.

The camouflage layer is a new bend that we are moving towards. It has a revolutionary presence in our daily lifestyle. To think to the depth of the concept, we are soldiers in the open, protecting ourselves from various things invisible yet existing in the society.

The Camouflage leggings is a powerful revert to the men who stare a woman with bear long legs walking the busy streets. Women are free to wear their style out in any attire they feel comfortable in. A scarf tied in the neck is like a necklace a woman embraces. It adds beauty to her outfit and contour; a camouflage for thieves who steal the gold from the women. Wallets keep your monetary essentials organized and help you safeguard your cash and other documents. A Camouflage wallet holds a solution within for corruption and black money. It’s a symbol of trust towards the owned hard-earned living. A bag is one’s own companion when you’re in dire need for something. It holds all daily utilities compactly and allows you to move freely without a brow of worry. Camouflage is a mix of style and an element of your personality bound together. It is an expression of oneself in a glamorous construct.

Many Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses have adorned their look with Camouflage print.


Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt and American singer, Madonna, walking the red carpet in Camouflage attire.

Camouflage holds the beauty of molding itself into any commodity and finds reasons to befriend you in every manner. It goes well with every tone you wear to doing justice to all outfits you don. It adds an edgy appeal to your casual attire with a bag; your companion- day in and out. It becomes your savior when you want to secure some cash. It adds a refreshing look to your black kurta in the form of leggings. It becomes your important gear while you trek the dense forests in the form of footwear and hat


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Camouflage is not a disguise in the battlefield; it is something to which everyone can relate. It is a lifestyle to live and awaken a soldier within to fight our internal battles as well as outer complexities. It grooms us in style to live with the freedom we deserve.

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