What Normal Looks Like?

Looks: they’re not always to impress but when it gets on to building an impression, yes, you need some things to go right.

A Crisp Start

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Fresh entry into the college life is a drastic change to adapt to. The presence of the fashionistas, the fashion and style updates; the pressure builds up and the monotony can get on the nerves with the regular classes and same boring looks. Your entry in the classroom should announce your style statement. The style quotient usually is strongly influenced by the people around and the surroundings. If you ended up wearing a crop top with a deep back line and you are regretting the unnerving stares of your to be classmates, it’s easy to push them off. Tie your scarf in a vest: a perfect cover in style along with the comfort. College life is to experiment and recognize one’s own style. You can always rely upon a dual carry backpack to support your look. Either zip the straps together and carry it as a hobo handbag or either let it hang loose on your shoulders for a more playful look.

The Elegant Poise

blog 1Say, you set out for an interview and you don’t know if the office is swanky or is it just another corporate workplace. You end up wearing an elegant top, neatly tucked in with a long A-line skirt along with a waist belt to keep it in place. The combination would work perfectly in your favor had it been a corporate office. But, what if the workplace turns the table on you? You can never be stranded with some spontaneous fashion tips. First tip, don’t PANIC! Change into your A-line skirt as an off-shoulder dress. The same waist belt will help you to drive focus to your upper frame, shifting the attention from any errors on the neck line. A chunky metallic piece on the neck-line would be something to look for. Make sure you are carrying a good handbag to suit your look along with some comfortable heels. A laptop bag can be the pick of the day for you as it can handle the gadget as well as your credentials and other important documents you might need to carry. A dual carry bag will be a convenient catch. Match the colours of the accessories with the outfit for a harmonious synchronicity.

An Unexpected Twist

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There is a certain paradigm of a few colleagues; they take pleasure in partying on weekdays. This can be tough to manage if you are not prepared for an after-office hour sudden plan. A few things can always come to you as your last resort. Your office trousers can stay; you just need your top to play around the look. You can always go for a button down look with your formal shirt. Tie it in a knot from the end keeping the top buttons open. Red lipstick can help you nail the look completely. A stunning work tote can be a smart move to outplay the others on the floor. A dual carry work tote with a single shoulder carry will be a classy pick to match the work and after-work look.

We take immense pleasure in creating looks for our readers. Await more looks to be live soon in the upcoming blogs. Do give us a feedback with your precious comments.




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