Durga- The Feminine Strength

Goddess Durga is seen in every woman in its own individual form. Today’s woman is a portrayal of feminine strength reflected by the deity herself. Every decision of hers is a reflection of the self-confidence that she carries. Her accessories make her look poised and elegant along with her valour to conquer the daily street struggles in her own fashionable step.

Be it Kolkata with rasgullas and women in white and red sarees or Gujarat where women are dolled up in cholis and lehengas, both states rejoice the festival with enthusiasm and authentic rituals. When women dress up, they gain a different confidence and have that power to make an impression. You can make a fashionable impression this Durga Puja and Navratri by adorning a Maang Tikka. The traditional tiara-like accessory adds the classic charm to the outfit.

This festive season, go minimalistic. The dressing can have a delicate choker necklace and a hand harness with manicured nails. Complete the look with a festive clutch which can add the traditional element to your overall ensemble. For accessorizing the feet, the multi-layer chained anklets are trending.

In India, women are beginning to take a stance for their opinions. They are slowly raising their voice for their own life-choices. The modernization is not just followed in terms of the fashion trends she chooses but also the example she sets for other women by her transformed thought process. She, now, feels more comfortable in her own skin with being able to flaunt her newly bought wardrobe upgrades. She is the women we praise and admire.

This modern woman is beautiful inside out. With this transformation in the societal beliefs and acceptance of the new image that women are building, Baggit salutes the spirit of the change and flows in the same current. These clutches from Baggit are like the new shift in the conventional purses. With the traditional print and an updated colour palette, they resemble each confident woman who has a thing for classic style updates.

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