Bound to the Roots!

Indian cultural traces are found in many countries like Egypt, China and other indigenous civilizations across the globe. There are elements of folk art, language, and rural culture of Bengal which have an affinity with their Egyptian counterparts. Of all the Egyptian objects and motifs indicating some contact between India and Egypt during the Indus-Saraswati Valley period, the cord pattern occurring in a copper tablet in the Indus Valley and on three Egyptian seals is the most striking link between the two countries.

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With such prosperous cultures and the richness of traditions, India has gifted Baggit a reason to celebrate the cultures with reference to their standout traits in its product range. Holding the roots close to the imaginary, the collections hold references of many civilizations that are connected to the nation in any way.

India, a land of different civilizations and an incorporation of different cultures is a nation which has respected and encouraged diverse cultures. From urban to rural to tribal, the cultures vary to scales and lengths of diversity. Baggit, being a child born from the same, Mother India, tries to be bound to its roots which have given her the scope to promote the cultural heritage that we own.

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