27 ringing a bell of ADULTING


With Baggit turning 27 on 2nd October 2017, we feel we are adulting into a new phase of life and fashion; more of fashion though. We feel like a lady who is being asked about her future plans, her life goals, her personal life and the shift in the mindset of the society and relatives. For a woman, a shift from 25 to 27 is big. Let’s see a quick fashion checklist for this grown-up woman.

Since Baggit is all about accessorizing yourself in the most fashionable and smart way, our mind always travels back to a lady’s bae, the handbag. It’s the toughest choice as you look for all the elements in just one piece. It’s this one piece which can make and break the impression. We’ll talk about it in detail but let’s start with the list first.

A starting point of the adult life gives you more reasons and opportunities to get dressed. So, why not use this as an excuse? There’s no escaping from this grown-up life, so might as well look good for it.

Let’s be honest, as soon as you hit 27, the reality starts striking, in the form of wrinkles. So, if you buy a day and night cream in panic, don’t fret. It’s probably a good decision as a precaution always works the best.

Even if you are a Mascara and Kajal girl, investing in a basic makeup kit doesn’t harm. Adding a little mousse to your mascara can take you a long way when you have to look presentable for a meeting at work or at your personal gathering. Packaging yourself to create an impression in the first go is a rational decision.

Speaking of packaging yourself for a professional meet or presentation, what were you planning to wear; a plain white shirt with trousers? Nah. Invest in a blazer which is not too formal but, not too edgy- professional yet young. They go all well with your denim, formal trousers and if you really want to go all the way, pencil skirt should complete the look.

What if you have fallen head over heels in love with your bae and his parents like you as their bahusanskaari? You need some ethnic pieces in your arsenal to tackle this. If contemporary is your match, keep kurta dress handy and if you want to be the classic modern lady, dress your best with a kurta-palazzo set.

If you’ve been living on the side-walk junk jewelry, you can slightly upgrade to something which can suit all occasions. Not moving apart completely from the collection, but just a little. Pearls speak for the elegance and the accent of your outfit. Build it up with a monochrome outfit to stay classy.

We know you’re in love with your street shopping regime and flats have always kept you on-the-go, though, eventually, they’ve been ripped to shreds but still been on your feet. It’s time to level up ladies. Comfortable heels for grown-up parties play a spectacular muse where sit-down dinner and wine churn with laughter and gossip. Cone heeled mules are for the lit-up dancer in you to make you sway to the rhythm without breaking a bone.

It’s time to employ the plain Jane bag but, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to its rigidness. Play around with textures and colors with the new color block collection from Baggit and keep yourself motivated to make a style statement of your own.

So, grown-up beauties, put your best foot forward in any situation and occasion and make a mark wherever you step.

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