All about a stylish weekend getaway!

With a long weekend ahead, what better can strike your head than to ride away to a world unknown in the serenity of nature with family or friends! With the festive season around, some get-togethers knock on your doors without a prior call. Always be prepared with this short list to keep yourself decked up.
Always start planning from the bottom. Viola! Shoes, usually, don’t fit in the suitcases and bags. You can wear a pair of boots without heels or some comfortable sandals while travelling in the car or for boarding a flight. Toss in a pair of flip-flops, slides or crocs in the bag as they don’t take much space, plus they work perfectly if there is beach or pool time on the agenda.
Jeans is the only clothing in your wardrobe which can be worn again and again. Carry a clean pair of jeans and work out your shirts and accessories to suit it. Plan on bringing them clean and taking them off only to sleep. Pack a top or a
t-shirt to be more comfortable during the day. If you have plans for a bonfire or a barbeque musical evening, for a dressy look, you can choose an evening dress. For an edgy look, you can go for a camisole accompanied with a bomber jacket. For a casual look, you can opt for a loose shirt or a buttoned-down dress with a scarf.
Depending on what you’re wearing, you can pick up the perfect matches for each. Sandals and evening dress can be paired with a stylish tote. It can hold your accessories and other valuables carefully and compactly along with a touch of elegance. A minimal approach in jewellery would be a smart choice; a delicate chain with a small pendant would look amusing on you.
Your picks for the edgy look can be complemented with a haversack and a smart watch on the wrist. This will keep you light and free with all the valuables securely packed on your back. A choker might work as a cherry on the icing, completing the look with a playful choice.
The casual look can be given a Boho finish. With fringe sandals and a hobo bag to carry, you’re all set to get the stares rolling in your direction. The hobo bag has the casual look, a peaceful frame which lets out the vibes of being in the relaxed mode.
Some extras
If you have any plans of diving into a pool or relaxing by the beach, you call upon one of the sneakiest clothing on duty. A one-piece bathing/swimsuit can be worn as a sleek bodysuit under jeans or a skirt. It instantly elevates the outfit. Pair it with a chic wayfarer and you’re all set for a dip in the coolness of the water. Complete this look with a multi-utility pouch which can hold your essentials in style.
In the end, pack all your stuff in a stylish fashion with an uber weekender bag. Make your travel a reason to be an evident fashionista, defining the style in own smart ways. Share your feedback and stylish travel formulas with us to update us about the fashionista in you!

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