Autumn Winter ‘17

When trees brisk away the leaves,
When shades fade away,
When colors whisk and sleep,
We want you to be ever glowing
With the cold winter breeze!
Winter is setting in, this time, with a colorful façade. With the season so bright, Baggit makes its right move by launching the Autumn Winter ’17 collection to complement the season’s weather. With the sun so bright but, Baggit’s AW collection can hit the weather blues away with the flamboyancy of the color palette.
Preparing for the launch, the collection was shot in the suburbs of London. Playing around with the natural light for capturing the finest shots, you’ll find the products looking amazing in their real colors. With a beautiful model and an in-house stylist, the models have been styled in 7 different looks, a unique look to suit each bag. London’s beauty has been captured in the form of scenic views of lakes, greenery of the gardens, and the rawness of the venues.
Each bag savors different moods which have been playing around with the outfits and the poses of the models. The pink blush tote suits a formal look styled with a pink jacket to give it a semi-formal appeal.


The hobo handbag has an after-office party feel where the golden hooks set the perfect bling to suit the after-hours. The attire is jazzed up by the bag, complementing each other with a perfect synchrony.


Want to strike a fashionable impression at the workplace? The neat holdall is the go-to bag where the texture and the frame of the bag can woo the onlookers. Paired with a translucent black top with a hint of shimmer, this maroon bag can get you rolling.


The bags hold a twist with a combination of styles to suit. Turning towards a lighter mood, the bags switch to the playful moods.
If you’re out for a get-together or a cocktail party, what better company can you get than a glittery clutch dipped in the magic of red! The glitter is paired with a shimmering sequenced dress styled with a scarf, tied in a knot around the neck.


The orange bucket bag with long tassels to transform the bag into a drawstring is a mischievous bag for casual outings. The tassels are paired with a fringe design top, skirt and stockings- a perfect winter outfit for a misty evening.


Have any travel plans? Fulfill them with a fun hobo bag with a designer customizable bag strap which can be switched according to your mood and outfit. Suit the luxury with an oversized coat, ready to face the chilly winter breeze


If you’re in a flirtatious mood and want to play naughty, a mini haversack with a midi is a perfect package to put on. The bag is an easy carry as is the midi; thus, they’re a made-for-each-other.


Browse through our collection to suit all your moods and outfits. This is just a quick peek through of the collection. The film is set to roll out! Stay tuned to know more.


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