Winter Mornings Be Like…

Winter mornings can be gloomy with the weather switching between blue and grey. You await the sunshine to peck your cheeks in the morning for a smoother transition from the sleeping to the wakey-wakey time. The hours pass but the sunshine takes its own sweet time to stretch its arms towards you and by that time your alarm clock falls silent. And suddenly, you’re up with a jerk, “Oh freak! I’m late again”. Just one moment ago you were cosily tucked inside your blanket and the other moment you are scratching your head, thinking of where to start.
The best therapy for a bland morning starts by playing some music. Your favorite songs, the beats can ginger up your sleeping spirits. The slow songs can make you drowsy again. Feed in some energy with loud music, fast beats and a good base. Sway to the tunes and enjoy yourself. Humming, singing aloud can reduce your stress levels and increase concentration and confidence. You don’t need to be a singer but you need to set yourself free. A warm water shower can be so refreshing! The vapor itself gets your skin turn red and enlivens you on a different note.
Dull days require colours, more and more colours. Your efforts might go in vain if you fall into the trap of hoodies and normal sweaters. Wear something that one sight you have of yourself in the mirrors and you can’t have enough of yourself. When we come down to dressing up, we end up wearing the same kind of innerwear every now and then as we don’t have enough time in those rush hours to take a minute and lay our hands on the best. Bright colours and different fabrics of the innerwear can uplift your mood like no other.
When it comes down to dressing up, in haste, we get lost in our own wardrobe. It’s always good to take some time and have a quick glimpse of your wardrobe. The first thought in your super panicked mode is usually, “What do I wear? I don’t have anything good to put on”, even when you have bundles of clothes stacked on the shelves. Slowly, you start figuring out pieces and you try to assemble them together in your mind and there, your masterpiece is ready.
If your pick was velvet, we admire your fashion sense. Velvet has been associated with evening assortments for a long time, but now it’s breaking free from its classic connections to appear at festivals. Steel grey and pastel pink hues have a younger appeal on this soft base. Crushed and brushed velvet adds an almost three-dimensional effect on garments and makes a bold statement. Cat eyeglass and distorted denim give your ensembles a classic appeal. The black sling gets you in the casual mood and is a perfect carry when you’re just looking forward to moving around with your essentials.

img_2879 (1)
Guys, you have a lot to play into the trend of mixing day and nightwear by adding quilt fabric to a smart blazer shape. The fabrics reminiscent of jacket linings are panelled together and quilted for a luxuriously comfortable story. Zips and snaps lend a modern feel, mixing warmth and tailoring which works perfectly for winter and evening party wear drops. What can keep you going is your sling bag in brown. The burnt umber perfectly defines the weather and the latest trend of brown being the new black.

When you want to nail the perfect look of the day and when you want to be picture ready, play around with colours smartly. A grey maxi dress can be transformed into a semi-formal wear by pairing a black jacket with it. Grey and black have been like Sholay’s Jai and Veeru, inseparable. They define the weather and also form a smart combination which cannot be done better by any other duo. Play around with a hat to not let your energy get sucked in by the sun. To add some colours to these hues, hang around with an orange sling. The sun shines bright and you reflect back like a rainbow in the black and grey of weather.

It’s always fun to define your own fashion statement and winter is the season which allows you to experiment with various layering options. Quilted jackets, knee length boots, mufflers, waterfall shrugs, trench coats; you get a long list to try each day for striking your style statement and raising it every day. But, don’t leave your home without a gloss and cold cream this winter. Keep the dry skin away and be winter ready. Step out in style to kiss the sun!

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