Autumn Winter- Through Visual Merchandiser’s Lens!


Autumn/Winter season sees a weather which can become gloomy and dull with shivers making the trees shake off the leaves and the greenery shedding its colors. To juxtapose the weather, the trend sinks in with bright colorful accessories to light up the ambience.

How are we, at Baggit, striking a difference with these bright colors is by launching our Autumn Winter Collection 17 in the flamboyant color palette which makes the texture of each handbag stand out, prominently focusing on the style. To complement the collection, the brand’s exclusive stores saw a ravishing window concept which brought the collection to life, making every piece a showstopper.


On the first glance itself, one can notice the latest collection placed in open pine wood boxes along with the campaign creative which was shot in London. The Maple leaves and a white bottle with wood peel, brown and beige flowers and vase sticks showcase the essence of the Autumn/Winter season. Style them the way you want; they’ll always drape around perfectly for a flawless modish glance of you.

The Autumn/Winter season in India sees the onset of many festivals and other festivities. Presenting the idea of gifting and framing these oh-so-precious presents, the window swirls in the feel of the euphoria. The year started with incorporating natural elements. The combination of light wood with colorful bags makes the window look whimsical. We love the regal mood added by the other natural elements which complement our contemporary collection of handbags.

As soon as you enter the store, the lighted lanterns welcome you with the new collection. The assorted black and white textured accessories are a point of attraction. The oh-so-bright aura starts blazing with a color combination setup, placed adjacent to the starting library. The library together can steal the show downright.

Not missing upon the well-assorted men’s wall, the collection hails from messenger bags to wallets to satchels and backpacks which can make any man go crazy over these pieces with glamorous poise to hold.


We hope you guys have not missed visiting the stores. If you did, you can still visit the nearest Baggit Exclusive Store and take a look at the amazingly set and lit up composition. We’re awaiting your presence.

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