How to look like you hired a Stylist (even when you didn’t)


It is tough to sport a new look each day. People think they should have a stylist to help them out with getting ready. Well, you actually think a stylist can help you with that? The skills lay within you, the skill of mix-matching from the things you have, create a look from it and few tricks which can help you get done in minutes as you don’t want to be late for wherever you’re headed.

So, what exactly constitutes your look? Your outfit, shoes, accessories, hairdo and basic makeup is all you need to focus on and a few hacks which can jazz up your look quickly.

Hop in to crack these quick style hacks!

Apparels and Layers:

Always be updated with season’s wardrobe essentials like winter demands jackets, blazers, boots, trench coats, mufflers. These can be teamed up with the all-time-favourites like stripe shirts, plain white shirt as a classic piece and many other such elements.

You can go for a long block pleated skirt with a blazer keeping you warm when the temperature drops but you are setting it up for your oozing style quotient.

block skirt
Source: Pinterest

If you are a fan of trench coats, pair it with a scarf or a muffler. Checks are trending so you can opt a coat in a similar pattern. To complement your waist, you can opt for a high-waist paper bag pants and if you are a fan of short dresses, pair a sweater dress with a muffler and knee-length boots. This will give you the required illusion of height.


Aptly said by Marilyn Monroe- Girls can conquer the world if given the right shoes. Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you up physically as well as mentally. That’s one thing which will never refrain from fitting you even when your body structure transforms. When paired correctly, it can accentuate your whole ensemble making you appear more poised and attractive. If you are bored of wearing the same pair of shoes, you can always experiment and come up with something new. If it’s a pair of boots which are losing their charm, pick a pair of stockings; make the boots wear the stockings. Cut the portion from the heels and stick the rest to the remaining body and you’re up with a new pair of boots.  


Pants, too, give you a reason to wear boots; white boots are making a return to the shoe gallery.

pant with white boot


The same works when you are donning a sweater dress with a pair of calf length boots. Boots can become a bit lose if they are with you for a very long time. A quick trick to keep the wind away from touching your legs while wearing boots is to wear long woollen socks. This will definitely make you seem a smart dresser.

boots with sock
Source: Pinterest


A skirt and blazer make it a good pair for your formal attire which can be perfectly paired with a work bag that can accommodate everything compactly for you. You can reflect back with a pair of wayfarers to the bright sunny day.


Paper bag pants and boots, together, build up a casual and formal look. Depending on the place or the occasion, you can pair it with a mini backpack or a backpack which can be carried to the workplace as well.



A sweater dress with knee length boots builds up the mood for an evening outing which is why we recommend you to go handy with a sling bag. This will keep your hands free and yet equipped with all the knick-knacks that you might need.



Your look is incomplete if you don’t have a good hair-do and makeup to suit it. Some looks just go with formal and casual. A few tips to get you started. Classic buns can be recreated with some easy steps. Half ponytails are revived with a new bow style.

Soft to bold to glamorous, some details never go unnoticed. Smoky eyes with a bit of glitter can light up your look for an evening outing. If you like going basic and have to like for white coal, let the wings be followed with a black shadow to unveil the beauty of your eyes. Yawning with puffy eyes? A touch of white with winged eye-liner and coal gets you ready to hit back the monotony of the daily routine.

Once you are ready with your chosen look, we’re sure you’ll realise you don’t need a stylist to rock the look. With the whole ensemble in place, remember that it is all a waste of time if you forget to smile because you’re never fully dressed without a smile.