A Single Caught in the Weddings

With the wedding season hitting back with the chilly winter nights, the lights go high to light up the sky. The curtains unveil to reveal the beautiful bride-to-be walking down the aisle and her prince-charming making a grand entry by riding behind on a horse cart. It is that time of the year where the family and friends come together to bless the couple and rejoice in their happiness.

Weekends are spent on planning what you will wear, shopping matching accessories and footwear. The time flies and the moment knock the door with a loud band playing and welcoming the baraat! Your heart thuds and the other moment you are side-tracked lost in your own thoughts. The singles, if you are an assertive being, actually are very opportunist, where they take weddings for another a day to dress up their best and step in to gather all the attention they can. The daily life vamps put up a mask of sanskari bahu to bag the most eligible bachelors around. How do you put your best foot forward?

A quick checklist!

  • Hairstyle                              
  • Makeup
  • Mesmerizing
  • Perfect blush
  • Sumptuous lips
  • Crisp confident
  • Shoes that

If you checkmark all the boxes above, you are ready to shake a leg. You should know your own USP, that one element which can make the men around go weak in the knees.

Men like women who enjoy themselves. Even when you are lost in the moment and are sipping wine in one corner of the space, there might be someone watching you secretly. Maintain your smile and enjoy your own company, because you are never alone in a wedding.

Let your smile and eyes do the talking. Take a good look of the space and see if you can set your eyes on someone. If he stares back, look into his eyes and smile. It might get awkward but you never know if he takes a step forward in your direction.

Indian weddings are traditional with an urban touch. The attires have been drastically taking a 360 turn and revisiting the golden era. Make sure you dress up in something comfortable so you don’t end up fidgeting with it. The lehenga cholis and shararas with kurtas are teaming up well with net dupattas. The oversized earrings are still a craze. The footwear has been changing from mojdis to mules to crystal embellished sandals. The makeup varies from smokie eyes and bold red wine lips to black coal eyes and nude lips.

Bags are always considered extra for weddings. They’re considered as an extra baggage which cannot be handled along with the ever-slipping dupattas. So, let’s clear this wind and explore how exactly they are the most important during weddings. What all can a bag do in weddings?

Hold accessories

Keep the cash safe

Can secure the mobile
in while getting a
picture clicked

Looks glamorous in
the pictures

Can enhance the
whole ensemble

Help stash tissues
in case the mascara

Hold a cash cover that
you planned to give to
the couple

If your answer is yes to all, you know how important a bag is during weddings. A quick glance at Baggit bags which can suit the year’s wedding season.


Driving back to the topic, even if you are single and you don’t find a companion in this wedding, don’t lose your confidence and don’t stop scouting. Put on your red lipstick and gear up your mood for attending another wedding because you know you still have your company and other singles to still leave your impression.

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