Nights that don’t let you sleep!


In the last blog, we spoke about how winter can be the best season to drop out the monotonous date venues and what new ways you can explore in the chilly winters. This blog will reveal a few more ways which can get you entangled in your partner’s arms.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home.”– Edith Sitwell

As the saying goes, one can sit and relax at one’s own place with his or her partner, lazing around with a tub of popcorn while watching a movie or a Sitcom series which you both enjoy. But, the main reason to enjoy the season is lost if you wrap up in a blanket on a couch. A set up outside in the lawn or the terrace can be arranged where the projector can give you the theatre feel and you can relax on the spread mats and cushions accompanied by some munchies to keep you busy. With minimal lighting and seating, you’re all set for your movie date 1 (1)

This date night can have the slumber party feel where the pyjamas are invited. Wear something comfy which keeps you warm as well. Tights with loose sweaters can keep you wear as well as relaxed. Tag along a multi-utility pouch to keep your charger, lip balm and mobile handy so that you don’t have to run up and down every now and then.

If you are going to her place, you can be in your cool tracks and a bomber jacket to keep you warm. Carry along a stylish backpack which can help you pack a few munchies and drinks. Never run out of supplies when you have a spacious backpack from Baggit.

Couples visit lavish places for their perfect date nights with an orchestra playing in the background and them enjoying their night. These places, though, fail to give that personalized touch to your evenings which you might cherish. Due to music and people around, one might not be able to talk or act openly. Some homely settings might come as a solution to such situations.

You can always have a corner of the house arranged for the feel of the lavish evening date. Shift two chairs and a table to the terrace. Decorate the surroundings with dimly lit lanterns and some slow music to begin the evening.

blog 1.1

The host should come through as comforting and confident, hence, if you’ve been cooking you can change into a full sleeve t-shirt with a casual shrug and loose-fitted denim. Pair the ensemble with slides to keep the walk from the kitchen to terrace smooth. You can woo your lady with another element; place your wallet on the table with a note saying “The dinner’s on me”.

Finally, you’re headed to your partner’s place for a semi-formal dinner date. Excitement is one thing you wear on your face, with a tinge of nervousness and blush. Get yourself clad in a black crop top with a basic color high-waist pants. Accompany the ensemble with black pumps and a striped full-length shrug. Carry a cool hobo bag along with a spare pair of clothes, just in case you plan to stay over at his place.

Love is in the air and we want you to make the most out of the season. Cuddle your pumpkin or pamper your sunshine. Make each other feel special in your own romantic way and woo them in your own charmingly stylish way.

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