Sweep him off his feet!


Ever wondered what happened to that spark that you had when you just got married? Why did the life suddenly get monotonous from an ever-adventurous journey that was high on adrenaline rush when your partner was around? One of the reasons is you stopped loving yourself.

Let’s set it right!

Rejuvenate and refresh your relationship by visiting a spa. After this solo visit to the spa, let him come back and notice you. Wear a dress of yours which he likes and you can get your evening started. A candlelight dinner can be waiting for him while you are clad in a sensual evening gown which can make him go weak in his knees. Always be open to experimenting and you can have the man pleased. You can accessorize the dress to accentuate its appeal. Give it a new look by adding a new element to it, like an elegant belt, to present him the piece of a woman who is sensuous, stylish, elegant and bold.


Self-pampering plays an important role in making one feel special and loved. It can make you feel more confident about yourself, be it about the appearance or be it about your identity, it transforms your thoughts about who you are and makes you become one with yourself. A step in the same journey is how you carry yourself when you are being pampered by yourself.

When you are trying to revamp and give a fresh outlook to your relationship with your spouse, you need to feel confident. You can pick elements which make you feel, look and live confidence. Plan a movie date with him, get into your best shoes and make a move.


The cold shoulder tops and dresses are a running rage for now in fashion. Pair a cold shoulder top with your denim and top it with a tassel effect. Tassels locket chain paired along with a sling with a tassel accent is a trendy way to jazz up the look.

Get the control back into your life. A man always likes his woman to feel good about her. When you show that you hold the key to your happiness and success, he would be the one more pleased than you ever would be. In morning, while you both are getting ready for work, express your confidence and poise with what you bear on yourself. Your appearance makes a lot of difference when you pay attention to details. A neat pencil skirt with the smart top and minimal accessories is an instant pick trick to set your look for the workplace. Always remember to carry a bag which complements the outfit and is not oversized for it. With this outfit, go for a dual carry tote for you to walk hands-free and to welcome the embrace of your spouse (just in case).


So, sweep him off his feet by loving yourself. The love will always travel in your direction once you start caring for yourself. It is, sometimes, better to break the rules, amend them and frame new ones in order to welcome the new change that you always wanted to invite. Keep following the same and we’re sure you’ll never be caught in monotony. Do write back to us for your feedback and your honest comments that we always look forward to read.

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