It’s more than you see!

In the previous blog, we revealed and defined the new Baggit collection. This collection is full of drama, of which you will never be tired. Indulge with the newfound YOU while you delve into this prize which gives you a high.

It’s more than you see!

Explore your new self with the bags which help define you, refine you and have the potential to outshine all around you. Unveiling the best for you!

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If you look for perfection in the imperfection and always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, this bag can make you more interesting and appealing. It can become your definition of imperfection; odd and yet perfect for your style!


Smile can be ditched! If you are a person who panics at missing a single essential, then this Baggit bag is just for you. The best accessory you can carry is a handbag and not your smile as it turns into a frown when you’re not carrying a bag and start missing the things you could have carried. Baggit bags always keep you equipped!

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Do you believe in first impressions? Make them big with stylish bags. STYLE is a way to say “Who you are” without having to speak! Define yourself with the stylized Baggit bags because there’s nothing like it.


Do you wish to go bold but want the effect to be subtle? The eyes are useless when the mind misses reading BLACK! This Baggit bag is in Red and Black; Black to attract and Red to transform!

Go on, explore yourself! These Baggit bags can transform the way you look and accessorize. Give your style a new definition for pleasing impressions which become unforgettable.


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