And here comes summer!

And February comes to an end! February has been a month which constantly made you think about the transitional clothing outfits… the ones that you can part and parcel from the winter to the summer wardrobe. Summer looks are all about finding maximum breeziness.

Keep it casual!img_2705

We have paired denim jeans with a comfy velvet spaghetti top accompanied by a pastel classic sling because it adds an interesting and appealing oomph to my perfect style.

Keep it loose!img_4974

It’s time for the natural neutral coloured flowy dress to mark their presence in summer. A neutral coloured dress is the most ideal pick for summers. It adds an element of elegance to your free-spirited soul. Don’t forget to hang large totes while on your casual city tours for an unfathomably stylish look!

Keep it chic!

Spruce up the summer look with this white coloured dress accented with a stripe pattern. Pair this outfit with a tan coloured bag that complements your aligned beauty. The tall and pretty you needs a bag which ends towards your waist to drift the focus to your frame.

Keep it cool!img_2993

Summer definitely calls for a pair of denim shorts with a cool blue tank top and a dark tote to summarize your appearance. This versatile tote not only carries her entire world wherever she travels but also defines her personality and style.

Don’t forget to add a dash of some foundation and a sizzle of lipstick to keep up your looks updated like your style.


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