Sophisticated is elegant, elegant is Baggit


Elegance and sophistication are two of the striking qualities that we women possess. They’re like armours in times of distress; challenge any lady and she’ll ensure to turn the sky upside down to prove her mettle.
When it comes to our style quotient, we choose to flaunt patterns, colours and products that complement the person that we are – bold, brave, beautiful. Keeping it simple yet sophisticated seems to be the ruling mantra of every modern woman of today. Ingeniously balancing work, home, and career, we believe in putting our best foot forward, without worrying too much about the future or fretting over the past. Indeed, we portray larger than life personas.
With such overt display of brilliance, it goes without saying that the styles we pick reflect our personality. Consider the L Pisco Y G Leslie Orange bag. The soft shade that artfully blends orange and peach is the apt choice when you are feeling breezy. Its casual appeal makes it a wonderful piece of stylish and simple bag, one that you can flaunt on all occasions!

L Pisco Y G Leslie Orange (Orange) L

For the style divas who naturally demand the spotlight, the L Humble Y G Precious Rose clutch adds an elegant touch of pulchritude to the look. Flash it with poise and be the ultimate trendsetter! Rock the after hours party with the finesse of the fabric used and sway the diva in you with charm.


L Humble Y G Precious Rose (Pink) S1

When attending a casual dinner with your significant other, there can be no better companion than the L Galories Y G Hardy Mintgreen-Beige sling bag. Pep up the glam factor by making an impression with the refined gorgeousness of it. Brighten the mood by pairing up your attire with the delightful kiss of its colour.


L Galories Y G Hardy Mintgreen-Beige (Green) S

You may be a geeky nerd but show off your LBD and stilettos to rock through the night! Not to mention the spontaneous uplifting of your style with the L Enigmatic Y G Elianna Silver bag. The flashy fabric in hues of silver and pink aptly complete your ‘I’m a rock chick in a hard rock world’ look.

L Enigmatic Y G Elianna Silver (Silver) S


Bringing out your responsible side at work never got so fashionable yet formal with the
L Circa Y G Dora Navy Blue bag. A timeless piece of bags carried to work, you can never miss a hit with its style appeal. The dark shade of blue is reminiscent of the mighty ocean, and pumps into you the enthusiasm needed for an amazing day at work!

L Circa Y G Dora Navy Blue (Blue) M

Beat the blues and add bright colours to your life. After all, you are an embodiment of chivalry and civility, you deserve the best. Be the extraordinary you and befriend bags that complement your personality because sophisticated is elegant and elegant is Baggit.


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