Chic and glamorous, just like you!


She’ll dance like an achiever and cry like a baby. The swiftness with which she moves around the home is unparalleled. Meeting targets and deadlines is something that’s innate in her. She dutifully plays her part right at work. Her world revolves around her children. Nights are the only time she relaxes but the moment her head touches the pillow, she’s preparing herself for another day packed with responsibilities, both at home and at work.

Cheers ladies! You deserve the fame.

Isn’t there a chic and glamorous person in all women? Irrespective of who you are – a teenager, a bachelorette, a wife, a mother, a matron – the hidden charm in you is an indestructible asset that you possess. You paint your world in your colours. You are the leader of your life and the creator of your own destiny. You’re unique in every way, and if there is something that makes you standout as bright as a gem, it is your attitude.

Accessories are a subtle translation of your personality. The shades, patterns and materials that we adorn contain a hidden meaning. When you choose to get playful with colours and styles, it’s like a sneak peeks into your happy world. Bright colours signify a bubbly mood whereas dull colours portray despair.

And that is why we, at Baggit, love to celebrate the playful and colourful side of you. All our #clutches, #handbags, #wallets and #backpacks are personifications of the bigger entity that you are: chic and glamorous. Taking inspiration from the bright colours of nature, all the pieces are carefully manufactured keeping your tastes in mind.










Irrespective of the occasion, giving their best without bothering about the end result is what women abide by. Perfectionism, when preached, becomes a sheer way of life. It becomes as natural as breathing and as obvious as living. And hence, the bags at Baggit are skillfully crafted to match your attitude. The right dash of colours and the artful blend of patterns judiciously display ultimate finesse, just like your way of life.

Open display of affection and speaking the heart out is the striking trait of every woman. She’ll swallow the sorrow and share the care. Seeking inspiration from her is like following the course of the sun. Her habits reflect positivity. Our fine range of bags aims to follow suit. The varying shapes and sizes define glamour and charm, just like every woman does.

Making the world a happy, safe place is what she prays for. Honesty in actions and compliance with values are her guiding principles in life. If there’s something she’ll never compromise on, it is her morals and ethics. Taking inspiration from her, bags at Baggit are made from machine-made synthetic materials. Believing in beauty inside out!

You’re chic, you’re glamorous. Your smile radiates elegance. Your thoughts define charisma. Settle for nothing but the best. Befriend bags that are as chic and glamorous as you are, befriend Baggit.


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