A lovey dovey affair with the bags at Baggit


Nobody gives a second thought to a girl’s love for three things – bags, footwear and, cosmetics. Like a treasure chest brimming with grandiosity, we girls prefer to make a statement by wearing these three our way. In fact, our all-hearts-and-flowers love affair with bags helps us soar greater heights as well as conquer the depths of the oceans (oh yes, that too with panache!).
Ever since the dawn of civilization, bags have become an inseparable form of an incredible entity called ‘woman’. Coming from an era where leaves and stalks preceded the modern leather and rexin, bags have redefined the way we carry luxury and style while still retaining a touch of traditionalism.
At Baggit, we are not only proud of this traditionalism but also weave it into our contemporary designs. Assembling the individual components into a Baggit bag is a fascinating process that is worth the adulation, irrespective of the source being a chunky wallet or a delicate sling bag. Every motif and thread used in the production process plays a fine part in adding to the perfection and magnificence that is a Baggit bag.
What makes the Baggit collection even hotter and tempting is its never-ending style appeal. Patterns and prints at Baggit take cues from the latest industry trends; so when you shop from the vivid styles on display, you automatically upgrade the standards of your closet. Every design and shape is served to you on a golden platter. All you need to do is compare and shop!
Whether you choose to flaunt the harmonic silhouettes or the flashy prints, Baggit bags have continually held a place of pride in a female’s wardrobe. Right from the sleek makeup boxes and the ever-lost keys to the complex laptop and pair of changing clothes, you can literally carry the world around on your shoulder! There is room for everything that is dear to you in a Baggit bag, which is indisputably your private asset. So bid adieu to the fear of forgetting things at home, with Baggit bags by your side, you need to only focus on enthralling the town!
Speaking of enthralling the town, what better way to do it than wearing your personality – your favourite bag? A beautiful expression of the self, bags have been the oldest choice to tell the world how you feel. A splash of color to spruce up your black on black comfort outfit, a perfect match with your shoes; for the days you feel you can conquer anything, a small but fit-it-all sling for the no-nonsense day – bags suit your every mood. No wonder then that you almost feel naked the day you forget to carry one.
Standing silently to the aid of every woman – traditional or contemporary – the fine bags at Baggit sumptuously add sparkle to any look she chooses to adorn. No wonder that bags, cosmetics and footwear play their individual roles in beautifying the look. But when you invest in a Baggit bag, you multiply the promises. You take home a friend that’ll accompany you in the gravest of problems and the happiest of moments.
Hence it is safe to say that our lovey-dovey affair with Baggit is here to stay and mesmerize a thousand hearts. After all, it’s not just a Baggit bag; it’s a product that completes the beautiful you.

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