Friends that’ll never let you down – Handbags, clutches and sling bags


Angels couldn’t be everywhere, hence God created friends. They are like a cool shade in the scorching heat and like an umbrella during a heavy downpour. Certainly, you would miss the joy and bliss without their subtle yet impressive touches of selfless, everlasting love.
But in today’s fast-paced world, your friend missing your long-planned birthday party because an urgent business conference awaits her is not uncommon. But if there is a friend that’ll never let you down, one that’ll stand like a firm pillar by your side without exhibiting any pangs of oh-I’m-so-done-with-you remarks, it’s a Baggit bag.
Just like friends, Baggit bags have some innate qualities that grant them the esteemed status of being your BFFs. Irrespective of the type – handbag, clutch, wallet, backpack, sling bag, tote, etc – bags at Baggit are more than a mere fashion accessory. They help you complete any look with panache, thereby adding hues of glamour and style to it.
Like when you are attending a formal gathering, keeping it minimalistic is the norm. To add sophistication to the look, pair up your formal pants and shirt with our all-time favourite G Accept Y G Escape Cognac (Tan) bag. It is so spacious that you have room for your cannot-do-without laptop, files, wallet, and also your favourite book! To add to this, its chic appeal further multiplies the finesse of a formal look.0046276.jpegNothing beats the euphoria of the festive spirit. You’ve traversed miles to lay your hands on the most sought-after designer sari and matching jewellery. But wait; have you found the match it deserves with the ideal clutch? Well, your search ends at our super-lovely L Rio Abby Rose (Pink) clutch. This royal product from our collection of clutches exhibits a lovely pink shade that is both feminine and festive. The glittery look makes it the best choice to add glitz to any social gathering. 0037309.jpegWhen you are stepping out for a casual event, you have the liberty to experiment with shades and silhouettes. It’s that time when you can leave your busy-day-at-work blues on the back seat and head out for a day packed with glee and fun. To complement the brightness in you, the L Jamaica Andrew Ultra Marine (Green) Hobo satchel bag is all you need… Hang it on your shoulder or just flash it in on your arm with pride …either way, you are sure to stand out.0035835.jpegNights out with your pretty girlfriends are moments of sheer ecstasy. Don’t you need a companion that’ll fit right into your chill mood and gel well with your besties? Our L Bismith1 Y G Parina White (White) tote bag unambiguously meets this need. The playful splash of colours and the complimenting shape of the bag skillfully get you in the mood to be in the limelight. Are you ready to corner some eyeballs?0045060.jpegDear ladies, bid adieu to boredom and add colour and shimmer to your life because, at Baggit, you have friends that are here to stay and never let you down.


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