World Health Day – Please take a Breather


We are all in the quest for happiness in this world. So after dreary long hours of work throughout the week, all we desire for is a weekend to relax. We all will agree that nowadays we are living only on weekends and we have our own way of finding happiness during these two days. Some of us will just plan a trip with the best packages available on the web, some of us will just party harder and harder to drain off the frustration of the whole week, and some of us who are more exhausted will choose to be left alone with doing absolutely nothing in this time period. And then again from Monday, we feel that we are back to this vicious cycle of life where we have no other option but to wait for the weekend to be happy again. What if you can be happy every day? On this World Health Day, we recommend four very simple mantras that will help you to take a real breather in life.

Mantra 1: REFLECT

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the word “Happy”?

Is it when your mother oils your hair? Or when you blabber out the happenings of your day to your sibling or roommate? Or is it when you scroll through your favourite website? This little instance of happiness is what reflection is. In a broader perspective, to reflect, you have to take out time for these little instances, focus not on your worries but what is it that you want and how is it reflect? What is that makes you actually happy.

Mantra 2: RELAX

You have often heard your friends asking you to “relax”, “take a chill-pill”, when they find you in an anxious or depressing mood. But have you ever thought why we need to stay relaxed and how often do we need to feel relaxed? The answer is: Every day. Sitting back for 10-15 mins with eyes closed and in complete silence is actually the best way to relax. If you have time constraints you can choose to meditate at your office before lunch sitting on your chair or meditating after an exhausting day at work once you are back home. The art of relaxing in your own way and comfort will surely help you concentrate more on your work and stay joyous in your life.

Mantra 3: REFRESH

Do you love junk food? Do you love chocolates, ice cream, chips? Of course, we all love these and we just cannot cut them out of your lives. But how about balancing them with some raw foods every day? Having raw vegetables and fruits prior to a light dinner actually gives you a refreshing feeling when you get up the next morning. May be you can start your day with boiled corn and salads (adding a bit of masala just for taste) to gradually start implementing the healthy techniques to your regular food habits.


The idea of getting drenched in rain is always rejuvenating. Isn’t it? Going out with friends for shopping or a spa session is refreshing too. While some may find these ways to revive one’s body and mind, your way of feeling rejuvenated can be just walking barefooted on grass or singing when you are alone. To rejuvenate means pampering yourself in your own way and not sticking or following the social stigmas of rejuvenation.

So, this World Health day promise yourself that you would really dig deep into your heart, take out time for yourselves and Reflect, Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate to make yourself an emotionally healthy and happy soul.

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